Understanding the Driving Forces Behind Drug Addiction

Understanding the Driving Forces Behind Drug Addiction

forces behind drug addiction

Understanding Drug Rehab Programs

Understanding Addiction

Understanding addiction is essential to addressing it. The opioid epidemic in the United States has impacted more than 2 million people from all walks of life. Because addiction does not discriminate, it’s safe to say there is more to this predicament than poor choices.

There are many studies on the topic of addiction. Scientists have found links between genes and addiction. Others argue that addiction is the result of a lack of willingness.

Additionally, environment and social upbringing can increase the risk of addiction. For individuals in this position, it’s often best to recover away from negative surroundings. Understanding the root causes of addiction is essential. Addiction is not merely “poor choices” or “lack of character.” Evidence shows that addiction is a disease. Generally, family of origin processing occurs in alcohol rehab facilities.

Scientific Proof of Risks of Drug Addiction

Understanding Drug and Alcohol Addiction

According to CNN, researchers have identified a gene that may play a role in the risk of opioid dependence. This study focused on more than 5,000 people who were exposed to opioids to identify risk factors. In many subjects, a specific gene mutation, RGMA, has been linked to opioid addiction and psychiatric disorders like schizophrenia or autism. Hence, supporting the theory that genetics plays a role in drug addiction. 

What is Dual Diagnosis Treatment?

Researchers and scientists also studied the brains of mice to learn more about addiction. These studies found more links between specific genes and opioid dependence. While research continues to be ongoing, scientists have found connections between alcoholism and the brain. Drug rehab centers, such as ours, focus on the core issues individuals struggle with, such as coping skills, mental health, and life skills development.

Environmental Risks for Addiction

Genes and family history may impact the risk of drug addiction, especially when combined with environmental factors. For example, a child who is already at risk based on their genes may be at even higher risk for addiction if exposed to drugs and alcohol in the home.

The chances of a child suffering from addiction later in life are higher for kids with addicted family members. It’s hard to tell whether addiction is the result of being exposed to substances, experiencing trauma, genes, or a combination of these factors. With more time and research, we may get closer to the answers.

Finding the Fix: Drug Rehab

Understanding addiction can help with prevention. If we know that some children are more at risk, we can offer early support and intervention. Comprehensive treatment can help people already trapped in addiction. Far too many people have suffered funerals, losses of loved ones, increased crime, and unsafe neighborhoods. We don’t have to continue to experience these consequences, especially when drug and alcohol rehab can save lives.

The good news is that addiction does not have to be a death sentence. Most addicts and alcoholics can live a happy, healthy life with the right support. Drug and alcohol treatment can help addicts and their families recover, no matter the cause of the addiction.

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