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Addiction Treatment for Women

Addiction Treatment for Women

At Lighthouse Recovery Institute, we believe in personalizing all of our women’s addiction treatment services. To this end, we offer women’s drug addiction treatment in a gender-specific environment.

This single gender women’s addiction treatment allows for a safer, more honest and unique treatment experience than traditional mixed-gender groups.

The importance of providing our clients a gender-specific environment to participate in women’s addiction treatment can’t be overstated. The opportunity for healing and accountability that gender-specific women’s drug addiction treatment offers is unparalleled.

women's addiction treatment
Single gender women’s addiction treatment engages our clients on multiple levels. In turn, this allows for an inclusive and holistic experience.

These levels include:

  • Trauma Resolution
  • Unhealthy Family Dynamics, Family Roles & Mother Issues
  • Restoring Healthy Body Image
  • Self-Esteem Building
  • Assertiveness Training
  • Co-Dependency and Relationship Issues
  • Breath Work & Yoga
  • & More

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The Importance of Women’s Addiction Treatment

Participating in women’s addiction treatment is tough! Examining each and every part of ourselves is tough! Searching fearlessly for strength, courage, and sobriety is tough!

Fortunately for those in need of women’s addiction help, there are strategies to help ease this burden. First among these is offering gender-specific women’s addiction treatment.

During the clinical day, single-gender groups and therapies allow women to get honest. They don’t have distractions. They’re safe and this safety expresses itself through insightful and open feedback in a supportive women’s addiction help setting.

Simply put, gender-specific women’s drug addiction treatment offers women the chance to heal in a way that mixed-gender groups don’t.

In a Community Living environment, single-gender living allows women the freedom to form healthy and interdependent friendships. It allows women to support each other in an open and comfortable environment. It allows women to concentrate solely on their treatment and recovery.

Single-gender community living also decreases the risk of entering into a romantic relationship with a male. These are known as “rehab romances” and present a significant barrier to effective women’s addiction treatment.

The Benefits of Women’s Drug Addiction Treatment

womens drug addiction treatment
Single-gender women’s addiction help offers out women the ability to engage issues distinctly their own. These can take the form of trauma resolution, distorted body image, self-esteem issues, building supportive friendships, and many others.

While these struggles aren’t unique to women, the way they manifest in women’s lives is unique. A gender-specific women’s drug addiction treatment and community living environment offers the following benefits:

  • Allows Women’s Addiction Treatment to Focus on Women’s Issues
  • Affords the Opportunity for Honest Communication
  • Allows Clients to Form Deep & Lasting Relationships
  • Allows Clients to Support & Help Each Other
  • Minimizes Distraction During Women’s Drug Addiction Treatment