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Women's Partial Hospitalization Program

Women’s Partial Hospitalization Program

Womens Partial Hospitalization Program
Lighthouse Recovery Institute offers a gender-specific Women’s Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) as a more structured and inclusive form of addiction treatment.

Our women’s partial hospitalization program consists of at least twenty-five hours per week of addiction counseling. Depending on each client’s specific needs, this counseling may be more intensive.

Our women’s PHP program is the first step from active addiction to stability and long-term sobriety. It fosters an organic, inclusive, and holistic form of sobriety.

Our women’s partial hospitalization rehab is a key component of long-term sobriety, recovery from other harmful behavior, and building a new life.

Therapeutic Tools Offered During Our Women’s PHP Program

From the day a patient calls Lighthouse, to long after their clinical discharge date, we work alongside our women to best ensure long-term sobriety. Find a list of the therapeutic tools offered during our women’s PHP program below:

  • A Comprehensive Initial Psychiatric Evaluation
  • An Individualized Women’s Partial Hospitalization Program Treatment Plan
  • A Consistent Schedule (between five & seven days a week)
  • Medication Management
  • Women’s Partial Hospitalization Rehab in a Gender-Specific Environment
  • Groups Unique to Women’s Issues in Recovery (trauma resolution, abuse resolution, body image issues, etc.)
  • Regular Progress Reviews and Updating of Treatment Plan
  • Regular Community Meetings & Peer Therapy
  • Access to Primary Therapists During Women’s Partial Hospitalization Program to Address Challenges and Concerns that Occur as a Part of Treatment
  • Individualized Discharge & Long-Term Recovery Planning

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Women’s Partial Hospitalization Rehab Addiction Counseling

Our women’s PHP program uses a combination of the latest clinical modalities, evidence based therapies, and twelve-step principles. When these are combined together, the result is a holistic and comprehensive form of partial hospitalization treatment.

  • Individual Therapy
  • Family Therapy
  • Daily Group Therapy
  • Life Skills Training
  • Non-Traditional Groups

Women’s PHP Program Community Living

During the women’s partial hospitalization program, and at other levels of care, we offer our clients a form of organic, non-institutional community living.

Our clients live with roommates, in single-gender apartments separate from our clinical offices. All community living residences are staff and supervised by twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, behavioral health professionals.

Community living goes hand-in-hand with women’s partial hospitalization rehab and offers clients a unique form of peer therapy.

Benefits of Our Women’s PHP Program Community Living

The idea of women living with other women, sharing each other’s struggles and victories, is key to long-term sobriety. Not only do our women hold each other accountable, but they act as sober supports during the ups and downs of our women’s partial hospitalization program.

Community living promotes healthy and interdependent relationships, rather than codependent ones. In turn, these relationships challenge impulsive behavior and lead to healthy relationships in all aspect of our clients’ lives. This is true during our women’s partial hospitalization rehab and after.

What Our Women’s PHP Program Community Living Looks Like

Our residents live in a safe, supportive, and comfortable environment during their time in our women’s partial hospitalization program. They have access to our clinical staff during the day and evening.

Our residences are staffed and supervised around the clock by behavioral health professionals. These are individuals with long-term sobriety, who can supervise and guide our clients during their time in our women’s partial hospitalization rehab. To put it another way, community living makes the transition from active addiction to healthy individual as easy as possible.

Lighthouse offers six unique women’s PHP program community living locations. All are in beautiful Delray Beach, Fl. We’re located within a mile of the beach and even closer to downtown Delray. Our residents get to experience the type of living most people dream about their entire lives!

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