Yoga Could Be The Key to Life After Inpatient Care

Yoga Could Be The Key to Life After Inpatient Care

We provide inpatient drug rehab because we understand how difficult it is to break the patterns of alcohol or drug addiction. It is our sincere hope that through our inpatient drug rehab, individuals are able to learn skills that they can then apply to life in the outside world. One of the skills that we believe can help an addict adjust to a new lifestyle as they return to the real world is Yoga.

The main benefit of practicing yoga is that it helps unify the body, mind and spirit. When yoga is properly performed, the mind is calmed, the body is exercised and the spirit is rejuvenated. People with addictive personalities often have trouble feeling at ease. Yoga and meditation allow anyone at any moment to refocus their thoughts and calm their breath.

While people new to yoga probably won’t look at the eight limbs of yoga, there are a few limbs that are particularly important to those rehabbing from addiction. The first is Yama, which breaks down the ethical concepts serious practitioners of yoga follow. These concepts include:

  • Personal Restraint
  • Personal Respect
  • Peace
  • Speaking the Truth
  • Avoidance of Jealousy

Each concept described in Yama translates perfectly to the road to recovery for an addict. It helps people compartmentalize their individual journey and allow themselves to love who they are and the person they continue to strive to be.

The next limb that is particularly important to those in recovery is Pratyahara, which teaches people how to deliberately calm the mind and slow down thoughts. Negative thoughts can’t be ignored, but yoga can help addicts learn how to properly manage them.

The third and final limb we will discuss in this blog post is Asana. Asana is what many new to yoga fear as it is the actual physical poses that must be performed. However, the truth is Asana is where goals can be set and promises can be kept. Slowly progressing in the yoga journey provides a blueprint for life. It’s not always going to be easy from day one, but if a person is disciplined and willing to put in the effort, they will see the results day after day.

Our addiction treatment center has professionals who have helped countless individuals learn the benefits of yoga as well as other life lessons that they can apply in the real world. Our addiction professionals are available to help and can be reached today at (866) 308-2090.

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