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Our Mission

our_missionAt Lighthouse Recovery Institute, our mission is to help our clients attain peace of mind, happiness, and permanent recovery.


Our clinical staff boasts over 30 years experience in substance abuse, eating disorder, and trauma treatment. Our passionate team of doctors, therapists, and treatment specialists provide the highest quality care for EVERY woman who walks through our doors.

Our Programs

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Comprehensive Addiction Treatment is the umbrella we, at Lighthouse Recovery Institute, operate under. All of our specific treatment programs incorporate the three components of Comprehensive Addiction Treatment. These three components are:

• A Medical Approach

• A Psychotherapeutic Approach

• A Social Services Approach

These approaches are together integrated into a single treatment modality. They’re used simultaneously to support and reinforce each other. Through these varied approaches, we’re able to offer a truly comprehensive style of treatment and recovery.

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intensive outpatient program

Lighthouse Recovery Institute offers Partial Hospitalization (PHP) as a more structured and inclusive form of addiction treatment. PHP consists of at least twenty-five hours per week of addiction counseling. Depending on each client’s specific needs, this counseling may be more intensive. PHP is a key component of long-term recovery.

Therapeutic tools offered during PHP include:

-A comprehensive initial psychiatric evaluation

-An individualized treatment plan

-A consistent schedule (between five and seven days a week)

-Medication management

-Regular progress reviews and updating of treatment plan

-Regular community meetings (including welcoming of new clients)

-Access to primary therapists to address challenges and concerns that occur as a part of treatment

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women's eat disorder

Lighthouse Recovery Institute’s Intensive Outpatient Program provides accurate psychiatric assessment, group therapy, individual counseling, and unique programs for women recovering from substance abuse, eating disorders, and trauma.

If you don’t need the structure of a residential setting, but require a level of intensity beyond traditional outpatient services, our IOP is designed just for you.

Each client’s length of stay is individualized to best suit their specific needs, and their one-of-a-kind treatment plan.

Our clients can spend up to seven days a week in a supportive community, led by highly trained and licensed professionals. We offer flexible hours to accommodate ALL schedules.

Groups times vary each day and evening groups are available.

Our IOP program uses cutting edge clinical treatment models, as well as twelve-step based principles, to help our clients achieve long-term recovery.

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Lighthouse Recovery Institute’s stellar treatment programs don’t end upon discharge. Unlike most facilitates, we work alongside our clients as they transition from treatment to life. This continuing care approach supports our clients during challenging times and guides them into long-term recovery.

During discharge planning, our clinical team meets frequently with clients. In these meetings, therapists, doctors, and other medical professionals assess each client’s individual needs. Remember, continuing care isn’t only about addiction. It addresses recovery from eating disorders, trauma, mental health issues, and general reintegration into life concerns. Lighthouse customizes a continuing care plan based on each client and their specific needs.

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Many women entering treatment have trauma, which should be treated in order to better ensure long-term recovery. At Lighthouse Recovery Institute, we offer dedicated and compassionate clinicians skilled in treating a multitude of trauma issues. These include: physical, sexual, or emotional trauma, grief and loss, neglect, abuse, and early childhood trauma.

Lighthouse’s primary focus during Trauma Treatment is resolution and self-empowerment. Though these, our clients are able to live a whole new life. We also offer IPV (Intimate Partner Violence) Therapy.

It’s our belief that healthy, balanced living and self-determination leads to quality long-term recovery. This client-centered approach to Trauma Treatment is what makes our program one of the most successful in the area.

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Community Living

Lighthouse Recovery Institute understands that each woman is unique and faces issues all her own. Our experienced team of clinical and medical professionals meet with each women individually to asses her specific needs. Our team then works with each client, one-on-one, to craft an specialized continuing care plan.

We help each client fully understand their disease. More importantly, we enable our clients to develop the skills necessary to recover from their eating disorder. We enable our clients to become happy, productive, women.

Our Women’s Eating Disorder Treatment Continuing Care Program addresses the long-term aspect of eating disorder recovery. This includes symptoms of an eating disorder, medical consequences, psychological factors, biological factors, interpersonal factors, and cultural factors.

Lighthouse also provides one-of-a-kind nutritional counseling and education about healthy dietary choices. This includes counseling with our Nutritionist/Dietitian, access to her during mealtimes, and guided, educational shopping experiences (during the PHP portion of treatment).

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Our Values & Goals

recovery for women

At Lighthouse Recovery Institute, our values are at the heart of our clinical philosophy. We value accountability, ambition, balance, compassion, faith, family, growth, happiness, hard work, honesty, originality, and service. We’re invested in helping our clients attain these, achieve permanent sobriety, and gain life-long happiness.

Our goal is to become an industry leading women’s substance abuse, eating disorder, and trauma treatment center.

Guided by our core values, strong belief system, and relentless pursuit of perfection, we’re redefining the treatment center experience. At Lighthouse Recovery Institute, our main purpose is to help EVERY woman recover, no matter what.

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