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Drug Rehab Resources for Addiction

Alcohol and Drug Rehab Resources

Drug abuse, alcohol abuse, and mental health disorders can affect both teenagers and adults. In many cases, a drug rehab center is the best option to treat these conditions and access the professional medical help someone needs to overcome an addiction. Perhaps you’re reading this as a parent, looking for more ways to help your child get treatment. Or, maybe you need treatment for yourself and are starting to take the first steps to get help.

Whichever category you fall in, you can find the answers to your dreaded questions on the Lighthouse Recovery Institute’s alcohol and drug rehab resources page. Treating patients from all over the country offers an advanced and comprehensive approach to treating substance use disorders. This website is meant to provide you with educational drug rehab resources on various drug-related topics for prospective patients and their loved ones. Click on the sections below to learn more about the issue you’re most interested in. Remember that you can always contact us and speak with an admission specialist by calling us at 866-308-2090.

Sobriety Calculator

Are you recently sober? If so, congratulations! Use our calculator to help you keep track of the number of years, months, weeks, minutes, and even seconds of your sobriety. Tools like these can be effective coping mechanisms for those sobriety days when you’re having difficulties. 

Perks of Sober Living

Teen Drug Abuse

Get the latest data on teen drug abuse, including the most popular drugs and how they start misusing them. Learn more about common reasons teens start using drugs, demographic stats, effects, and how to recognize substance abuse on your child. Then, learn about the available treatment options for teens.

Prevent Teen Drug Abuse

Staging an Intervention

When things reach a certain point, staging an intervention is an effective way to get through to the addict. Learn tips and strategies to ensure you do the intervention right – and your loved one struggling with addiction, finally says yes to your help.

How to Stage an Intervention

Drug Rehab Scholarships

Drug rehab can be expensive, usually ranging in the thousands of dollars for a short-term program. For those without insurance, drug rehab scholarships can offer financial support and assistance so they can choose a treatment center and receive the help they need. 

Drug Rehab Scholarships

Helping a Loved One

Having a friend or family member that struggles with addiction is never easy. Our step-by-step guide on how to help an addict will show you what options you have available and how to ask for help for yourself as well. 

Family Dynamics in Recovery

How to Get Into Rehab

When someone struggles with drug or alcohol addiction, they often don’t know how to get the help they need. Talking to rehab centers and vetting facilities can be an overwhelming experience, our guide shows you everything you need to do to get into drug rehab today.

How to Get Into Drug Rehab

State-Funded Rehab Centers

The state of Florida, like many other states, offers some state-funded alcohol and drug addiction services that can help people find the help they need at affordable prices. 

State-funded Drug Rehab Centers

Insurance Help

Paying for rehab can be tricky, but most people are surprised to find out that addiction recovery services are often covered through insurance. Learn more about how insurance can help you pay for rehab. 

a medical health insurance card

LGBTQ+ Substance Abuse Guide

The LGTBQ+ community is more at risk for substance abuse than many others. They’re also more susceptible to unfair and inadequate treatment options. This page provides articles and information on how substance abuse affects this community and how our LGBTQ+ friendly rehab center can help.

LGBTQ+ Substance Abuse Resources

College Student Resources

Substance abuse in college is increasingly common and also highly dangerous. Our college students resource page provides facts on drug and alcohol abuse among college students and offers some help and guidance on how to get help for yourself or a friend.

College Drug Abuse

Finding Spirituality in Rehab

For many, spirituality is a huge part of the recovery process. Studies suggest incorporating mindfulness and spirituality in treatment can help people connect better with themselves, find a greater sense of purpose, and stay dedicated to their sobriety.

Signs Your Loved One Needs Assistance Program

Friends & Family Resources

Whether you’re looking to stage an intervention before rehab, or you need to find support afterward, family and friends play a critical role in the various phases of rehab. We know that you have questions about the process and want to learn the many different ways you can support your loved one through their addiction recovery journey. 

Help for Parents of Addict Children

Rehab Nutrition Resources

Exercise and nutrition play a critical role in mental health and become vital elements of the recovery process. This page provides strategies, guides, and resources on how to incorporate a healthy lifestyle into your everyday life to support a healthy mind and body outside of rehab.

Fitness and Nutrition Resources

Substance Abuse and Mental Health

Almost half of the individuals with a mental health disorder have a co-occurring substance use disorder. Unfortunately, the connection often goes unnoticed and untreated. This lack of information leaves people going in and out of treatment for decades. This guide shares insights into the world of dual diagnosis and recognizing the symptoms. 

Substance Abuse and Mental Health

Long-term Recovery

Addiction treatment is the first step taken towards a life in recovery. However, it’s continuing care, or aftercare, that supports people through recovery.  Our continuing care ebook is meant to be a resource to anyone looking for ways to prepare themselves for this stage in their loved one’s substance abuse treatment journey. 

A Guide for Recovery

Addiction Treatment Programs 101

While every treatment facility counts with different rehab programs, this guide explains what to expect from addiction treatment. In the United States, millions of people struggle with addiction. Treatments focus on behavioral health, access to support groups, and personalized care.

Addiction Treatment

What Our Patients Say About Us

“Lighthouse Recovery Institute is a great program and would truly recommend it to anyone serious about changing their life. The staff really cares about you and making you feel comfortable. When my son went to this program he was very demanding and had been to many other programs in the last year…”

James H.

“Lighthouse recovery institute has been a major component in what has gotten me sober and what has kept me sober. I came to Lighthouse recovery institute for the first time in June of 2016 a scared, lost, confused, and entitled girl. I had my ups and downs like any person does when there early in recovery and I made so many mistakes throughout my time there…”

Sara B.

“My daughter has been struggling with addiction for a while now. I was connected with Lighthouse Recovery and grateful for their help for my daughter and my family! They remained in constant communication with me and their family support liaison directed me to multiple resources that were very helpful to obtain support for myself, as well…”

Melissa P.


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