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Drug and Alcohol Detox

Medical drug and alcohol detox is a vital part of the treatment process for drug addiction. When an individual discontinues using substances abruptly, they may experience withdrawal symptoms that range from mild to severe. Due to the possible range of medical complications that may arise, finding the right drug detox program is the necessary first step. At Lighthouse Recovery Institute, we work with licensed and experienced drug detox centers to ensure our patients are medically stable. Once our patients have completed the drug and alcohol detox program, they can then transition into one of our addiction treatment programs in Boynton Beach, Florida to continue their recovery journeys. If you or someone you care about is interested in learning more about choosing a drug and alcohol detox center in Florida, reach out to our Lighthouse Recovery Institute team today by calling 866-308-2090 or completing our convenient online form.

The Drug and Alcohol Detox Process

Finding a drug and alcohol detox that is appropriate for an individual’s specific needs is fundamental. Generally, detoxification, or detox, ranges between five to seven days. Patients may also receive medication-assisted treatment to help manage withdrawal symptoms. Our Lighthouse Recovery Institute staff remains in contact with patients throughout their treatment in an alcohol and drug detox center in Florida before beginning treatment.

Additionally, during the detox process, our evaluation identifies the patient’s primary needs and interests. Patients may be prescribed safe, non-habit-forming medications to assist in the process and alleviate some of their withdrawal symptoms’ discomforts. There are also unique prescription drug detox options for individuals struggling with chronic pain.

Our Lighthouse Recovery Institute team maintains contact with patients throughout their medical detox before beginning treatment. Additionally, during the opioid detox process, our evaluation identifies the patient’s primary needs and interests. Patients may be prescribed safe, non-habit-forming medications to assist in the process and alleviate some of their withdrawal symptoms’ discomforts.

Benefits of Medical Detox

Medical detox is regarded as a beneficial first step in the addiction treatment process for the following reasons:

  • Less painful and unpleasant withdrawal symptoms with help from professionally administered medication and care
  • 24/7 care and support by a licensed addiction treatment team
  • The safety of experiencing withdrawal under careful supervision to prevent dangerous side effects or complications
  • Customized treatment tailored and adjusted to your individual needs
  • Detox is credited with higher rates of successful recovery and relapse prevention

Having your withdrawal symptoms managed and supervised by professionals as you rid substances from your body will ultimately set you up for lasting success in recovery as you allow yourself to become completely free of drugs or alcohol.

Post-Acute Withdrawal Syndrome

Medical detox for substance addiction is the first step in recovery from substance dependence. In general, alcohol withdrawal symptoms are uncomfortable and frequently dangerous. Thus, it is essential to have proper supervision from experienced medical staff when attempting to detox from alcohol or drugs. Before entering our addiction treatment center, patients receive

quality care from a preferred medical detox center. Post-acute withdrawal syndrome (PAWS) can last anywhere from a few weeks to several months.

Additionally, PAWS is the leading cause of relapse for individuals after substance addiction treatment. As a result, enrollment in the appropriate detoxification program will help ensure you or your loved one establish a firm foundation against future substance dependence.

What Are Common Symptoms of Withdrawal?

Depending on the individual’s age, what substance or substances the individual is using, and how long they have been using all correlate to the symptoms that may arise during post-acute withdrawal.

Generally, some of the most common withdrawal symptoms are:

  • Decrease in appetite
  • Trouble sleeping
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Hallucinations
  • Seizures
  • Depression and anxiety

Due to some of these symptoms’ severe nature, particularly for addiction to alcohol, benzodiazepines, and heroin, individuals should seek professional help immediately. As a result, trying to detox on your own from these substances is not recommended by medical professionals.

The 3 Steps of Detoxification

Medical detox from alcohol and other drugs involves three essential components that meet the most standard needs and goals of detoxification. However, your plans, duration of treatment, and overall treatment process may vary. Detoxing in a professional detoxification facility may also involve using various medications to help patients manage their withdrawal symptoms safely, comfortably, and in a controlled environment.

The steps of detoxification are:

1. Evaluation

During the evaluation phase, a clinical professional looks at the patient’s physical and psychological symptoms and history. Initial evaluations assess a patient’s acute intoxication and withdrawal potential. From this assessment, they can recommend a detox level of care and create an individualized treatment plan that addresses the patient’s health care needs.

2. Stabilization

Once the patient’s medical status has stabilized, they are then ready to transition into an addiction treatment program.

3. Addiction Treatment

Now that the patient is physically stable, psychological healing can begin in an addiction treatment program. Addiction treatment programs at Lighthouse Recovery Institute provide comprehensive therapeutic approaches for people ready to embrace their recovery. If you’re unsure which of our addiction treatment programs would be best for you, our team of experts will work with you to determine which ones would solidify your recovery.

Begin to Heal with Drug and Alcohol Detox at Lighthouse Recovery Institute

At Lighthouse Recovery Institute, our staff has extensive experience with addiction treatment and can provide a free and confident assessment. For more information regarding insurance coverage for drug inpatient rehab or alcohol detox, call our Lighthouse Recovery Institute team at 866-308-2090 or contact us via our online form.
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