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Frequently Asked Questions About Rehab

When choosing a treatment center for yourself or a loved one, there are several essential pieces of information to consider. We hope by answering the following frequently asked questions about rehab will help to guide this selection process.

FAQs About Addiction Treatment

Is Lighthouse Recovery Institute licensed and accredited?

One of the most frequently asked questions about rehab facilities related to their accreditations. When choosing a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center, select a licensed and accredited facility by an independent organization.

At Lighthouse Recovery Institute, we are certified and accredited by the Joint Commission, an independent, non-profit organization that certifies healthcare and medical facilities.

We also hold licenses from Florida to provide care through the Department of Children and Families. All residences we work in conjunction with also maintain certification through the Florida Association of Recovery Residences (FARR), an independent body that ensures that sober houses operate ethically and effectively.

Visit our accreditations page for more info.

Is Lighthouse Recovery Institute an ethical rehab center?

This page exists to assist individuals seeking assistance with substance use disorder and mental health to become more knowable about finding the ideal treatment facility and program for themselves. Families struggle to find the tough answers to their frequently asked questions about rehab programming. 

The addiction treatment industry’s ongoing ethical violations have lowered the clinical care threshold and infiltrated every state. To that end, drug addiction and Mental Health Treatment are effective and do work, and excellent programs do exist. Our agency operates in a capacity where patient care is first.

Staffing with appropriate credentials is essential because you should know what qualifications people have to treat your loved one. We have licensed level therapists and appropriate medical staff in-house. You can view more regarding our team, along with why they do what they do. 

Do you offer any clinical services?

Our counselors provide a multifaceted approach to treating substance use disorder through a variety of evidence-based treatment modalities.

We also offer a range of services based on each person’s level of care, including modifying and increasing individual sessions. Each therapist has a maximum caseload of nine patients in treatment. Learn more about specific therapies, including:

  • Alcohol addiction treatment
  • Inpatient rehab
  • Support groups access
  • Family therapy
  • Sober living
  • and more!

Family involvement is one of the most significant components of effective drug treatment. Having transparency with the family is how we make the most significant difference for long-term success in recovery.

For us, we pride ourselves on being transparent from the beginning. To that end, we provide details on programming, out-of-network costs, and expectations before patients come to our facility. 

Other frequently asked questions about rehab include how long treatment services are? Approximately 20% of our patients continue to engage in private therapy with their therapists after completing addiction treatment for six months. 

How long is addiction treatment?

One of the most frequently asked questions about rehab is the length of programming. While the length of stay varies depending on each patient’s needs and goals, studies show that the longer an individual is in treatment for addiction, the higher their chances become of long-term success in recovery.

We recommend that patients stay involved in the program for a minimum of thirty days, with most patients remaining enrolled for an average of 60-90 days.

However, some patients take advantage of free long-term aftercare and attend outpatient groups for months following their initial drug and alcohol rehab program.

Our admissions department will work with you before your arrival to determine a timeframe for your stay. The clinical team will meet with you regularly to assess progress and projected completion dates.

What type of support is available for family members and loved ones?

Addiction treatment programs should offer support for families to help create the healthiest environment for the recovering individual, improve the family system, and promote healing from the impacts of addiction. 

At Lighthouse Recovery Institute, we offer a family program supporting families based on their own specific needs.

Additionally, each patient’s primary therapist can schedule family sessions via phone or in-person to assist with healthy communication and set goals and boundaries within the family system.

How do I know if my loved one needs drug or alcohol rehab?

Someone likely needs addiction treatment if their drug or alcohol use is interfering with their life. Addiction can take many different forms.

For example, an individual may work and support their family while also drinking and drugging to excess.

On the other hand, it may be glaringly apparent that an individual needs drug and alcohol rehabilitation. If that’s the case, don’t wait to seek professional and medical help.

Learn more:

How to Tell If Your Child is Using Drugs

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What should I bring to rehab?

One of the common frequently asked questions about rehab revolves around what to bring to treatment. When preparing to admit to drug treatment, patients should bring two to three weeks’ worth of clothing. 

In addition to comfortable, everyday clothing, patients may want to bring one or two outfits appropriate for interviews, as many patients will begin seeking employment once at the intensive outpatient level of care.

We recommend that patients bring a beach towel or swimwear, as our residences are within walking distance of the beach. 

 Patients may also bring cell phones, devices, or laptops. Patients should also bring hygiene products and any medications they are currently taking.

Upon intake, patients will have a medical assessment to ensure that they have the necessary and appropriate medications. 

To see additional information on what to expect during treatment or what to pack.

Is drug and alcohol rehab expensive?

Addiction treatment can be affordable. We have designed our programs to be accessible to any individual who needs care. Many treatment services are covered by health insurance, and our clinical team works closely with many healthcare providers to ensure that services are covered. 

For those who don’t have insurance, we offer flexible financing plans and self-pay options. We are more than happy to work with you and your family to make treatment affordable and accessible. 

To make financial arrangements for drug and alcohol treatment, please contact our finance and admissions department directly.

Why should I choose Lighthouse Recovery Institute?

When selecting a program for addiction treatment, it’s vital to feel comfortable knowing that you have chosen an ethical, high-quality facility. At Lighthouse Recovery Institute, we take pride in these qualities. 

We employ experienced, compassionate staff with over thirty years of combined experience in treating substance use disorder, mental health conditions, relationship issues, and behavioral addictions. 

The agency is committed to maintaining a small, personalized treatment environment that allows us to provide the individual care necessary for effective and successful addiction treatment. 

Our community connections will enable us to provide access to services for patients that truly address their needs. If you are searching for experienced professionals dedicated to providing the highest-quality care, you have found the right place!

To get started, contact admissions today or call now 866-308-2090.


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