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What to Bring to Rehab

A rehab program for drug or alcohol addiction is often the best way for people to overcome their substance use disorders. However, when people don’t know what to expect in a rehab program, they are less likely to reach out for the help they so desperately need and deserve. If you or someone you care about might benefit from addiction treatment but is unsure what to bring to rehab or what rehab is like, contacting a friendly team of addiction specialists and therapists is often to help.

At Lighthouse Recovery Institute, our team wants you or a loved one to ease any anxiety about entering into an addiction treatment program with us. As a result, we want you to know what to bring to rehab and what our programs are like before you enter our doors. Learn more when you contact our team today by filling out our online form or calling 866.308.2090.

What to Bring to Rehab

Once you’ve decided to enroll in an addiction treatment program at Lighthouse Recovery Institute, our helpful admissions specialists will walk you through the process. We strive to be completely transparent about what to expect and also what to bring to our rehab center in beautiful Boynton Beach, Florida.

For the safety of our staff and other clients, it is important to know what to bring to rehab and what to leave at home. Some of the items that you can bring with you when you come to Lighthouse Recovery Institute include:

  • A list of names, addresses, and phone numbers of those you wish to contact during your treatment
  • Jewelry that you wear every day and consider to be a necessity, like wedding rings or a watch
  • A small amount of cash for store runs or vending machines
  • Your checkbook, credit card, or debit card
  • Your insurance cards and form of identification
  • Pictures of your loved ones

Also, we don’t have a dress code, and we recommend packing about a week’s worth of clothes, including:

  • Comfortable shoes for everyday wear
  • Tennis shoes for outdoor activities
  • Flip flops for the shower and the beach
  • T-shirts, polos, and blouses
  • Cardigans

Also, you are responsible for bringing any personal hygiene items you might need. We ask that you please don’t bring any aerosol products, and everything must be alcohol-free.

Finally, we will remind you to bring any medication that is prescribed to you in a pill bottle with your name on it. Although we understand that people need to bring any necessary medication, but we are an addiction treatment center, so we have to be careful with which substances enter our doors.

What Not to Bring to Rehab

In addition to knowing what to bring rehab, we also want our clients to understand what not to bring to our treatment center.

Some of the items that are not allowed during treatment at Lighthouse Recovery Institute include:

  • Drugs and alcohol
  • Prohibited prescriptions or narcotics
  • Weapons including knives, scissors, or sharp objects
  • Pornography
  • Food or drinks
  • Toiletries and beauty products with alcohol
  • Unapproved or pre-opened OTC medications
  • Nail polish, polish remover, or synthetic nail products
  • Video games and DVDs
  • Sporting equipment
  • Revealing clothing
  • Aerosols
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Electronics
  • Games and playing cards
  • Candles and incense
  • Clothing with references to drugs, alcohol, or violence

Find Out More About What to Bring to Rehab at
Lighthouse Recovery Institute

Our Lighthouse Recovery Institute team is ready to answer any questions about what our programs are like or other questions about what is or isn’t allowed during your time with us. We want our clients to focus on their recovery journeys in a safe and supportive environment, so it is essential that anyone in our programs adheres to our rules so that recovery is the focus for all of our clients. Reach out to our admissions specialists today by calling 866.308.2090 or completing our online form.