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Sobriety Calculator

At Lighthouse Recovery Institute, we want to support you throughout your recovery and beyond. Although the aim is to remain sober for the rest of your life, the immediate goal is to indeed take it one day at a time. No matter where you are in your recovery journey, our Lighthouse Recovery Institute team wants to support you every step of the way. We provide free online resources to help you maintain your recovery, including our sobriety calculator. Find out more about our resources, programs, or services today by calling 866.308.2090 or completing our online form.

What Is a Sobriety Calculator?

A sobriety calculator is on online tool that is used to calculate the number of days, weeks, months, and years you’ve been sober. This tool is used as motivation as you rack up more and more days in your recovery. Also, our sobriety calculator helps you to track your progress and add meaning to your sobriety.

Maintain Your Focus with Lighthouse Recovery
Institute’s Sobriety Calculator

Our Lighthouse Recovery Institute team provides free online tools because our goal is to provide information for people who are ready for recovery. Please feel free to explore our resources online or reach out to our admissions team today by calling 866.308.2090.
Calculate Your Sobriety