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Lighthouse Recovery Institute Individualized Addiction Treatment Programs

Partial Hospitalization

Programming consists of evidenced-based treatment modalities used to improve a person’s capability to function in daily life.

Intensive Outpatient Program

The crucial step for patients who have completed inpatient drug rehab or PHP programming with an addiction treatment center. 

Family Support Program

Addiction is a disease that affects the entire family system including parents, siblings, children, spouses, and friends. 

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Lighthouse Recovery Institute offers patients and families a unique, evidence-based approach to treating the disease of addiction. At the heart of addiction is a lack of connection- to the world, to family, to society, and oneself. That’s why we offer to focus on comprehensive addiction treatment– an approach that doesn’t just treat the symptoms of addiction but helps our patients heal their minds, bodies, and spirits to live the full lives that every person deserves.

Comprehensive addiction treatment, our drug, and alcohol rehab clinical approach, includes intensive therapy, community support and fellowship, vocational assistance and development, medication management, family therapy, and structured support at all levels of care.

Addiction is a complex disease that is most effectively treated on an individual basis. That’s why each of our patients receives an individual, tailored treatment plan for their course of care. It is this approach that allows us to best serve our patients and their families not just in primary treatment, but throughout their recovery journey.

Why Choose Lighthouse Recovery Institute

Lighthouse Recovery Institute was founded on the core belief that every human being deserves a chance at the freedom that recovery offers. Our primary values are ethical care, holistic and evidence-based treatment, prioritizing patient safety, and an individualized approach. From admissions to clinical care, these values guide our operation.


Ethical Care

Holistic & Evidence-Based Treatment

Prioritizing Patient Safety

Individualized Approach

Ethical Addiction Treatment

Ethical addiction treatment is more than maintaining certifications and licenses from the state. In addition to holding updated licenses to provide drug and alcohol treatment, the staff at Lighthouse Recovery Institute hold themselves to a higher standard. By maintaining strong community ties, we ensure that patients have access to organizations and support groups that benefit them. We work hard within the community to report and hold accountable unethical centers that engage in patient brokering and sub-par care.

Comprehensive Addiction Treatment

All too often, patients enroll in programs that offer comprehensive addiction treatment and fail to deliver on that promise. Having a robust and inclusive clinical program is more than providing evidence-based, proven care. While we pride ourselves on utilizing modern, cutting edge as well as tried-and-true therapy models, we strive for more at our patient-centered facility. In addition to a staff that routinely attends training and seminars to develop therapeutic skills further, we offer holistic care models.

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What Our Patients Say About Us

“Lighthouse Recovery Institute is a great program and would truly recommend it to anyone serious about changing their life. The staff really cares about you and making you feel comfortable. When my son went to this program he was very demanding and had been to many other programs in the last year…”

James H.

“Lighthouse recovery institute has been a major component in what has gotten me sober and what has kept me sober. I came to Lighthouse recovery institute for the first time in June of 2016 a scared, lost, confused, and entitled girl. I had my ups and downs like any person does when there early in recovery and I made so many mistakes throughout my time there…”

Sara B.

“My daughter has been struggling with addiction for a while now. I was connected with Lighthouse Recovery and grateful for their help for my daughter and my family! They remained in constant communication with me and their family support liaison directed me to multiple resources that were very helpful to obtain support for myself, as well…”

Melissa P.

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