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Addiction Aftercare Programs

When people complete an addiction treatment program, it should be a cause for celebration. However, the difficult work is far from over. Many people engage in addiction rehab aftercare programs to ensure that they remain successful on their road to recovery.

The aftercare program at Lighthouse Recovery Institute provides services to help people avoid a relapse back into addiction. If you’re interested in learning more about our aftercare program in Boynton Beach, FL, or any of our other addiction treatment programs, reach out to our friendly team today by filling out our online form or calling 866.336.9491.

Aftercare for Drug and Alcohol Addiction

Addiction is a chronic disease that doesn’t end when a drug treatment program ends. Generally, Florida’s best rehabs, such as Lighthouse Recovery Institute, offer aftercare. In an aftercare program, individuals receive continuing care in the form of intensive outpatient therapy. Additionally, patients receive individual therapy addiction treatment to help cope with triggers and cravings. Generally, the most popular aspects of aftercare include 12-step meetings, therapy, and sober living. Learning about their continuing care program is critical when choosing a treatment center for yourself or a loved one. This way, you will know what to expect once completing rehab.

Who Benefits from an Aftercare Program?

Before drug or alcohol rehab, each person creates an individual relapse prevention plan, secures sober living, and identifies support groups. Generally, most individuals prefer twelve-step fellowships. Additionally, patients with a co-occurring disorder or dual diagnosis will secure medical and psychiatric appointments post-treatment.

These are enormous benefits for addicts who often do not feel prepared to re-enter the world after substance abuse treatment. As a result, Lighthouse Recovery Institute helps individuals increase motivation for recovery and decrease relapse by assisting with these contributions. Our commitment is to ensure that patients completing addiction treatment have the tools to maintain their optimal well-being and recovery.

Types of Addiction Aftercare

In our addiction aftercare program, we provide different options based on intensity, setting, staffing, and duration of treatment. 

Some of the programs in our aftercare program include: 

  • Sober residences
  • Outpatient treatment
  • Support groups.

What to Look in Aftercare Program

An ideal aftercare program incorporates the many aspects of recovery someone can expect to struggle with after rehab. 

An excellent continuing care program involves:

  • Counselor or support group visits at least twice weekly for the first month
  • Therapy sessions at least weekly for the next month
  • Twice monthly counselor or group therapy sessions for at least four more months
  • Continued regular checkups and monitoring by a professional
  • New activities to support socializing with other sober members of the community

In addition, they should offer personalized support or assistance for anything that you or your loved one is struggling with.

Additional Services at Lighthouse Recovery Institute

Everyone’s needs and goals for their recovery are unique. As such, aftercare plans must be personal and comprehensive to support recovery from addiction. At Lighthouse Recovery Institute, our team believes it’s essential to ensure you have the coping skills necessary for community integration. To that end, relapse prevention is a fundamental aspect of every aftercare plan.

Additional services that we provide include:

  • Individual therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Family therapy
  • Trauma resolution therapy

Stay on the right track with the aftercare program at lighthouse recovery institute

At Lighthouse Recovery Institute, our team strives to help former clients maintain connections with their peers. As a result, individuals that attend our drug rehab center have an ever-growing recovery community. Additionally, this extension also applies to families, thereby guaranteeing the best possible outcomes for recovery. Our commitment does not end when drug treatment does, just like addiction. Beyond providing the best drug rehab aftercare services, we aim to foster a healthy, supportive alumni community. Learn more from our Lighthouse Recovery Institute team today by completing our online form or calling 866.336.9491.

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