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What to Expect During Rehab

Understanding the Journey

What to Expect During Rehab at Lighthouse Recovery Institute

Often, the fear of the unknown prevents people from making significant decisions in their lives. This is especially true when it comes to addiction treatment. Many people put off entering into an addiction treatment program because they don’t know what to expect during rehab. However, the longer people wait to receive necessary treatment, the worse the addiction gets. In some cases, delaying addiction treatment results in overdoses and fatalities.

At Lighthouse Recovery Institute in Boynton Beach, Florida, our team of therapists and addiction specialists wants anyone who enrolls in our programs to know exactly what to expect during rehab. If you or a loved one is curious about our team, services, or facilities, reach out to our admissions specialists today by calling 866-308-2090 or filling out our online form.

What to Expect During Rehab

When you arrive at our center, which is located near the beach, you’ll be greeted by our friendly admissions specialists. We’ll help you get settled, and then the real work begins. You’ll meet with our therapists and addiction specialists and discuss your history of drug and alcohol use. We’ll talk about any mental health disorders you might have and if your family members may also have addiction issues. Also, we will perform a thorough assessment of your physical and mental health. We use this information to create a personalized treatment plan that is specifically designed for your needs in recovery.

Therapy Options

Therapy Options at Lighthouse Recovery Institute

Once your treatment plan is complete, you’ll begin your therapy sessions. At Lighthouse Recovery Institute, our team uses a range of therapy options that help you address the underlying causes of your addiction and then equip you with healthy coping strategies that will help you avoid a relapse.

Our therapy options include:

Individual therapy

During individual therapy sessions, you will work with a therapist to explore find out more about your substance use disorder, mental health disorder, or both. This type of healing sets you up for future success in recovery and beyond.

Group therapy

Group therapy sessions give you the opportunity to bond with other people who are also pursuing their recovery. Also, you’ll learn more about strategies that other people are using for addiction treatment that is working for them.

Trauma therapy

Trauma is one of the most common reasons for people to use drugs and alcohol as these substances numb the emotional pain. Our trauma therapy program gives you the chance to heal from past trauma and prepare you for a life without drug or alcohol use.

During Rehab

Family Involvement During Rehab

Another fundamental component of our addiction treatment programs is including family members in recovery. That’s why our family therapy programs are an essential part of our addiction treatment programs. Many people turn to drug or alcohol use to deal with unhealthy or abusive family relationships. Our family therapy program helps families learn to communicate more effectively and overcome past arguments. A healthy family dynamic is an important part of successful recovery, and the family therapy program at Lighthouse Recovery Institute may be the key for that to happen.

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Lighthouse Recovery Institute

At Lighthouse Recovery Institute, our team believes in being completely transparent about what to expect during rehab at our center. We have provided the tools for many people to enjoy genuine, long-lasting recovery, and we can do the same for you or someone you care about. If you’re interested in more information about our programs and services, reach out to our team today by completing our online form or calling 866-308-2090. Create a new way of life that doesn’t involve addiction when you contact Lighthouse Recovery Institute today.
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