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In Massachusetts, the court system can send someone to local inpatient residential treatment. On the one hand, this strong-arming of a struggling individual may get them into a treatment center and could even save their life. On the other hand, there’s no reason to force someone to attend 90 days of rehabilitation in a sub-par facility or at one that wasn’t of their choosing. This court-ordered treatment may leave some questioning the laws on the books in Massachusetts. In Florida, Lighthouse Recovery Institute is an inpatient drug rehab and alcohol inpatient treatment center that compassionately meets the needs of clients on a case-by-case basis.

Substance Abuse Treatment in Massachusetts: Getting the Help You Need

As explained above, the state of Massachusetts can set the terms of your recovery. In the eyes of addiction treatment professionals, the payoff here is questionable at best. For Massachusetts residents who want to start drug rehab or alcohol rehab on their terms, finding Lighthouse Recovery Institute, in Florida, could prove to be the best path forward. That’s because the plan for addiction recovery at this treatment center will be based upon the unique needs and obligations that the patient has. It starts with detox and progresses well beyond outpatient counseling.

Detoxing for Massachusetts Residents

While entirely necessary, detox is also a complicated process that unfolds over a few days to a week. During this time, the body will begin to recover from abstinence from the drugs and alcohol that it once depended on to function. The risks associated with severe withdrawal are risky due to medical implications. As such, it is best to go through medical detox at a residential inpatient drug treatment center. Once this first step toward recovery has been taken, the real benefits of rehabilitation will begin to present themselves.

Massachusetts’ Choice for Inpatient Drug Rehabs

An inpatient drug rehab is a residential treatment center that allows clients to live at the facility for at least one month and often more. During this time, withdrawal and detox come to its natural conclusion. After that, the specialized programs that make inpatient drug rehab (or residing at an alcohol inpatient treatment center) a worthwhile decision. Medical experts who are staff at Lighthouse Recovery Institute will provide around-the-clock monitoring and necessary treatment to ensure a lasting recovery. To learn more about Massachusetts residents and addiction treatment or to inquire about the benefits of your commercial insurance policy, please call 866-236-5961 our knowledgeable and qualified team today.

Massachusetts’ Need for Intensive Outpatient Drug Rehab

Ordinarily, somebody who has gone through inpatient rehab will then progress to intensive outpatient drug rehab. These two programs can be completed back-to-back. There will be plenty of instances of a person in recovery who feels the need to enter an intensive outpatient program long after their initial steps toward sobriety. The counseling courses and life skills programs that are part of an outpatient program help the person move forward with their fight against addiction. Neither inpatient nor outpatient drug rehab needs to be completed at facilities close to home; a Massachusetts resident can quickly come to Lighthouse Recovery Institute in Florida and begin to transform their life for the better.

Additional Drug Rehab Services Available to Massachusetts Residents

The underlying factors that can trigger addiction and keep someone from achieving recovery are often the same. It’s for this reason that a dual diagnosis treatment center should be consulted. With mental health and medical experts on the side of the patient, those from Massachusetts who’ve opted to come to Lighthouse Recovery Institute in Florida will learn more about addiction. These individuals will also learn about how concurrent problems, such as mental health issues that trigger addiction and substance abuse, can be addressed. It could very well prove impossible for someone addicted to drugs and or alcohol to kick the substances without first conquering the issues that they’ve turned to these substances for in the first place.

About Lighthouse Recovery Institute Drug and Alcohol Rehab

When someone from Massachusetts decides to come to Lighthouse Recovery Institute, they are opening themselves up to a plethora of treatment options that wouldn’t be available otherwise. From the initial medical detox on life skills training programs and counseling that involves the patient’s family, the best choice becomes clear. Lighthouse Recovery Institute prides itself on the services and programs it offers and sincerely wants to help those struggling with addiction make a lasting change in their lives. For more information on how to find the best drug or alcohol rehab, call today 866-236-5961 and inquire about more suggestions every family should know. 

We are here to support you during your time of need and help you make the best decision for yourself or your loved one. Click below to speak to a member of our staff directly.

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