Learn more about what our clients and their loved ones have to say about Lighthouse Recovery Institute by reading through their testimonials.

Lighthouse Recovery Institute Testimonials

If you’re still considering Lighthouse Recovery Institute as your treatment center for drug and alcohol addiction treatment, perhaps these patient testimonials can help you get a better idea of what to expect. 

My daughter has been struggling with addiction for a while now. I was connected with Lighthouse Recovery Institute and grateful for their help for my daughter and my family. They remained in constant communication with me, and their family support liaison directed me to multiple resources that were very helpful to obtain support for myself, as well. I would recommend them for someone who is struggling with addiction and whose family needs support as I did. 

Melissa P.

Lighthouse Recovery Institute is a great program and would genuinely recommend it to anyone serious about changing their life. The staff cares about you and making you feel comfortable. When my son went to this program, he was very demanding and had been to many other programs in the last year. He was being bounced around from place to place, and we were not sure he would ever get his life together. Happy to see the results and changes he made since his time at this program and since his return home. I have personally come down and met with the staff, and I can say they are all very compassionate and caring about the clients. I have been to the clinical office and completed a family session, which was an enjoyable experience to have finally. I have picked him up from the housing which is next to downtown and the beach and went out to a nice dinner at the avenue. I have nothing negative to say about any of those components. If you are seeking a program for your loved one where you are involved in every step of the way in their treatment, this is the place to send them.

James H.

Lighthouse recovery institute has been a major component in what has gotten me sober and what has kept me sober. I came to Lighthouse recovery institute for the first time in June of 2016 a scared, lost, confused, and entitled girl. I had my ups and downs like any person does when there early in recovery and I made so many mistakes throughout my time there. I choose to believe that my sobriety is filled with a lot of trial and error and there are some lessons that I really have had to learn the really hard way one of those being that I had to go out and do more research more than once. But every time I came back and I had willingness to change all the staff at lri was there more than willing to take time to show me they cared and that they loved me and I wasn’t in this alone and that was something that I had never experienced before I always assumed if I did something wrong I was a bad person. I have never experience anything but love care and support. I have spent 15 months as a client at lri and I attribute so much to them between regaining self esteem, being able to handle life situations on life’s terms, learning how to have fun and build meaningful relationships with other people, and really digging into Old patterns and behaviors. I never felt like I was a number or not important the whole clinical and ca team truly cared about my well being and how I was doing. My therapist there Aimee q opened my eyes to so much and was seriously there to help me step by step progress and was still there to provide tough love when needed. Cat, Erin and Aaron were always there to give me a laugh or advice. The place literally saved my life more than once, love forever thankful for what they do at Lighthouse.

Sara B.

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