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At Lighthouse Recovery Institute in Boynton Beach, Florida, our team is committed to providing outstanding addiction treatment for those ready to begin their recovery. We measure our success by what our clients have to say about their time with us. That’s why we provide testimonials of clients so that people who are considering entering into addiction treatment know what to expect from our programs and services. Our Lighthouse Recovery Institute team believes that these testimonials show why our programs are so effective. If you or someone you care about is thinking about beginning their recovery journey, reach out to our team today by calling 866.308.2090 or completing our convenient online form.


“I had a genuinely fantastic experience working on the staff at Lighthouse. The situation surrounding my loved one’s need for recovery was daunting; multiple issues compiled to form a mere perfect storm of chaos that had been plaguing my family, including two very young children for years, mostly under cover of denial. Turning over my trust to staff for onboarding brought the first wave of much-needed peace I had lacked for years. The knowledge that he was safe, under excellent care, and was going to receive precisely the treatment necessary to begin breaking through the walls surrounding his behavior and tendencies. With a challenging financial situation on top of the dependency issues at the core of our need, I worked with my family specifically to make the treatment most affordable and compatible with the minimal contributions we were able to make, a real concession and sign of care. Once inside the facility, I partnered with my loved one and spent hours with him one-on-one and in a group setting, directing her level of care from both macros and micro areas. Our therapist was great. She was direct, frank, forthcoming, but never harsh or degrading, and assisted my loved one in gaining awareness of the plagues of his addiction he had so long been in denial of. Extremely rocked and unstable from the events myself, she sacrificed her spare time to work with me via phone for hours, coaching me through my concerns and listening to my emotional rollercoaster of feelings, top to bottom. She gave her time, authenticity, persistence, and full weight of capability into my loved-ones treatment. Though a long road ahead, he has benefited tenfold from that investment. I can only speak highly of Lighthouse and the blessings that catalyzed my loved one’s recovery. Thank you to everyone there for your time and investment, but most specifically to staff members for championing the care.”
– Anonymous parent
“Great experience at the facility. They were very upfront about programming for my loved one and what was to be expected. I really enjoyed working with the counselor and having updates weekly. The communication was unlike any prior treatment episode. They even made a referral to a private therapist for after treatment for my family. Very happy that I was recommended to Lighthouse Recovery Institute for a treatment option for my family.”
“Lighthouse Recovery Institute is a great program and would genuinely recommend it to anyone serious about changing their life. The staff cares about you and wants you to feel comfortable. When my son went to this program, he was very demanding and had been to many other programs in the last year. He was being bounced around from place to place, and we were not sure he would ever get his life together. I’m happy to see the results and changes he has made since his time at this program and since his return home. I have personally come down and met with the staff, and I can say they are all very compassionate and caring about the clients. I have been to the clinical office and completed a family session, which was an enjoyable experience to have finally. I have picked him up from the housing, which is next to downtown and the beach, and went out to a nice dinner at the avenue. I have nothing negative to say about any of those components. If you are seeking a program for your loved one where you are involved in every step of the way in their treatment, this is the place to send them.”
– James H.
“This treatment center came highly recommended to me for my son. Unfortunately, because he is a teen, he does not meet the admissions criteria. However, I spoke at length on more than one occasion with Brittany Ringerson, Chief Executive Officer of the Lighthouse Recovery Institute. I was so impressed with her concern, professionalism, and follow-up that I felt compelled to write this review. I can now completely understand why this facility gets its reviews and why it came so highly recommended.”
– Julie
“Lighthouse Recovery Institute is a great program and would truly recommend it to anyone serious about changing their life. This is a smaller program, and you will not fall through the cracks. If you are seeking a program for your loved one where you are involved every step of the way in their treatment, this is the place to send them.”
– JH
“My experience at Lighthouse Recovery in Florida was great. During COVID-19, the staff was diligent in their efforts to remain compliant to keep my daughter safe. I received communication weekly from the staff and felt like I was actually part of the program over the last several months. My daughter has begun to resemble the person I once knew, and I feel hopeful for the future, a feeling that I have not had in a very long time. As our family has been brought back together, I am not sure it would have been possible without the time we spent with the lighthouse recovery institute and the staff there. The therapist was beneficial and insightful, and the support staff was always there for my daughter.”
– Anonymous
“My daughter has been struggling with addiction for a while now. I was connected with Lighthouse Recovery Institute and grateful for their help for my daughter and my family. They remained in constant communication with me, and their family support liaison directed me to multiple resources that were very helpful to obtain support for myself, as well. I would recommend them for someone who is struggling with addiction and whose family needs support as I did.”
– Melissa P.
“Lighthouse Recovery Institute has been a major component in what has gotten me sober and what has kept me sober. I came to Lighthouse recovery institute for the first time in June of 2016 as a scared, lost, confused, and entitled girl. I had my ups and downs like any person does when there early in recovery, and I made so many mistakes throughout my time there. I choose to believe that my sobriety is filled with a lot of trial and error, and there are some lessons that I really have had to learn the hard way; one of those lessons is that I had to go out and do more research more than once. But every time I came back and I had the willingness to change, all the staff at IRL was there more than willing to take time to show me they cared and that they loved me. I wasn’t in this alone, and that was something that I had never experienced before. I always assumed if I did something wrong, I was a bad person. I have never experienced anything but love, care, and support. I have spent 15 months as a client at IRL, and I attribute so much to them between regaining self-esteem, being able to handle life situations on life’s terms, learning how to have fun and build meaningful relationships with other people, and really digging into old patterns and behaviors. I never felt like I was a number or not important the whole clinical and the team truly cared about my well-being and how I was doing. My therapist there, Aimee Q., opened my eyes to so much and was seriously there to help me step by step progress and was still there to provide tough love when needed. Cat, Erin, and Aaron were always there to give me a laugh or advice. The place literally saved my life more than once. Love forever. I’m thankful for what they do at Lighthouse.”
– Sara B.
“I would highly recommend Lighthouse Recovery Institute for drug or alcohol treatment. Before I went to Lighthouse, I had gone through several rehab centers. Eventually, my parents were very scared and presented me with two options, one being a one-way ticket to South Florida. When I arrived, I was 21 years old and heavily addicted to drugs. The staff was at the facility was very caring and supportive. They pushed me to look at myself and compelled me forward in my recovery. Today I am proud to say that I have continued to stay clean and sober for almost 19 months! Very grateful for my time spent here and would recommend it to anyone looking to change their life.”
– Sarah

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