Find the Best Drug and Alcohol Rehab for New Jersey Residents

new-jersey-rehabResidents of New Jersey need practical, affordable, and accessible medical detox and inpatient drug and alcohol rehab services. That’s because the proliferation of heroin and its deadly cousin fentanyl has not spared New Jersey. It has torn lives and families apart here, and those are just two addictive substances that people can form an unhealthy relationship with. According to statistics from the state’s human services department, substance abuse treatment centers, they admitted more than 82,000 people in 2017. That number offers two meanings to those in the industry: The first is that the need for drug rehab as well as alcohol rehab in New Jersey is enormous. The second is that the scale of this need in New Jersey could drive those suffering from addiction to look for inpatient drug rehab in other states.

Substance Abuse Treatment in New Jersey: Getting the Help You Need

While there are several existing substance abuse treatment operations in New Jersey, none can claim to offer the inherent benefits that Florida boasts. Some of these facilities may indeed be more familiar with addressing heroin and fentanyl-related issues, any drug rehab in the U.S. will have the skills, staff, and services available to treat patients coming to Florida from New Jersey or elsewhere.

Detoxing for New Jersey Residents

Withdrawal and detox isn’t something that New Jersey residents suffering from addiction should try and accomplish on their own. It’s simply too dangerous and too crucial to the overall recovery process to be done outside of an inpatient drug rehab. At Lighthouse Recovery Institute, trained staff are standing by to help the patient in recovery as they progress during their medical detox and move toward the following steps. Most private Insurance plans will often cover some or all the cost of drug rehab programs. Individual insurance companies each have specific criteria and medical necessity guidelines for different levels of care. To see if your insurance will cover treatment contact us 866-236-5961 today.

New Jersey’s Choice for Inpatient Drug Rehabs

There are many benefits to finding an out-of-state facility for New Jersey residents who need a drug and alcohol rehab center to assess their issue and help them move forward. According to WebMD, “inpatient” treatment is defined as a service that allows someone to live at the hospital, detox facility or clinic where they are recovering. Lighthouse Recovery Institute is proud to offer a comprehensive drug rehab that takes patients by the hand and guides them through recovery.

Inpatient treatment is an intensive process that will require the addict to reside in the residence of the facility itself. This type of around-the-clock attention is a great way to eliminate the triggers that typically drive someone to use drugs or drink. Since the person will be under the wing of caring and compassionate medical and mental health professionals, the recovery process will be guided from beginning to end. This means to detox, medical check-ups, counseling, group therapy sessions, and more are done with the intimate involvement of inpatient drug and alcohol rehab employees who want to see New Jersey patients take their life back. Call Today 866-236-5961.

New Jersey’s Need for Intensive Outpatient Drug Rehab

Intensive outpatient drug rehab presents a unique opportunity for those in recovery. Some New Jerseyans who’ve already gone through inpatient treatment will immediately move on to the less-rigorous outpatient program as a way of keeping on the right track while maintaining a balance with their daily lives. Others who choose to utilize the best treatment center in Florida for outpatient programs will have completed inpatient drug rehab or other residential treatment in the past and are not experiencing any withdrawal symptoms that medical detox would treat. Through regularly scheduled meetings, those who come to a treatment center for outpatient drug rehab will be doing the most good for their mental and physical health.

Additional Drug Rehab Services Available to New Jersey Residents

At Lighthouse Recovery Institute, a Florida facility where New Jersey residents have turned to time and time again, individual and group counseling takes on a crucial role. That’s because the professionals who work here view this continued contact as a form of long-term engagement that cements steps taken along the route to recovery. Another resource that’s only available at the best drug rehab center is dual diagnosis treatment, which can assess mental health and addiction issues. Once treated separately, a dual diagnosis treatment center will have the staff and skills required to concurrently address these issues and help a patient who has genuinely struggled through life-threatening problems.

About Lighthouse Recovery Institute Drug and Alcohol Rehab

The personalized treatment options that are available to New Jerseyans who come to Lighthouse Recovery Institute guarantees that the right type of services will be employed. As experts on all aspects of addiction — from teaching sober life skills long after embarking on the road to recovery to relapse prevention– the compassionate staff at Lighthouse Recovery Institute can help patients turn their lives around. If you are unsure about which inpatient or outpatient addiction program or services is ideal for you or your loved one, we encourage you to call and speak to a member of our staff. Call today 866-236-5961 and speak to a member of our staff directly.

We are here to support you during your time of need and help you make the best decision for yourself or your loved one. Click below to speak to a member of our staff directly.

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