Dual Diagnosis Treatment

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Dual Diagnosis Treatment

What is Dual Diagnosis Treatment?

Dual diagnosis treatment refers to clinical and medical care that addresses addiction alongside related conditions, such as depression, anxiety, or other mental health disorders. To be successful in recovery, patients with more than one diagnosis need comprehensive care that addresses all their medical and mental health needs. Over time, the lack of treatment for one of these conditions can intensify the other. At Lighthouse Recovery Institute, we offer a dual diagnosis program to provide quality treatment for these individuals.

Frequently, addiction and mental health conditions go hand in hand. To accurately diagnosis and help a dual diagnosis patient, substance use should cease for a certain period. Detox from drugs and alcohol in most circumstances should be monitored and take place in a licensed facility to assist with the psychiatric symptoms and physical withdrawal signs. After that, continuing with an addiction treatment center after a drug detox program or alcohol detox program gives the individual time to stabilize and understand how to navigate symptoms produced by their mental health disorder without the use of substances.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment: Treating Addiction and Mental Health

Dual diagnosis treatment consists of specialty programming for the treatment of patients with substance use disorder and additional mental health or medical diagnosis. To provide dual diagnosis care, at Lighthouse Recovery Institute we offer psychiatric services, medication management, and individual treatment plans to address all our patients’ needs.

Physical and psychological assessments are available regularly, and each member of our clinical team participates in the treatment plan for each patient. Our board-certified physicians use medications for mental health symptoms that are non-narcotic and not intended to be addictive. Our multidisciplinary treatment team offers programs that are custom to fit everyone’s cognitive, emotional, and physical needs.

To be successful in recovery from drug and alcohol abuse, individuals must address the underlying or co-occurring conditions which impact substance use. For example, someone who suffers from depression may need psychotropic medication, regular psychiatric appointments, mental health therapy, and additional support with vocational skills to attain the benefits that recovery can offer.

We provide hands-on dual diagnosis care to assist our patients in reaching their full potential and leading productive lives.

What are the Benefits of our Dual Diagnosis Treatment Center?

Working through drug addiction is difficult to overcome on its own, but overcoming various disorders at the same time is exceptionally challenging. Having the integration of the clinical and medical team work in conjunction with our patients throughout the treatment episode is one of the many reasons Lighthouse Recovery Institute is giving individuals the chance to gain control over their mental health.

Patients undergo a full, comprehensive psychiatric and medical assessment upon their intake and undergo follow-up assessments at regular intervals to monitor progress. Our medical staff, including our board-certified psychiatrist and physician’s assistant, work together with patients to identify any symptoms that need attention in real time. Throughout addiction treatment, patients with mental health diagnoses receive ongoing assessments by medical and psychiatric staff and have regular appointments for medication management. During these weekly appointments, patients discuss their progress, side effects, symptoms, and their level of functioning in a variety of domains. Through consistent care, we can help patients recover from addiction and manage complex illnesses such as bipolar disorder, depression, anxiety, PTSD, and many other conditions.

Does Insurance Cover Dual Diagnosis Treatment Centers?

Insurance plans will share in some or all of the cost of dual diagnosis treatment programs when substance abuse is the primary diagnosis. If you or a loved one is considering seeking help for addiction, and also struggling with mental illness, and looking to obtain information about your insurance plans contact our trained staff today for a free assessment.

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