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Michigan Drug & Alcohol Rehab

Learn about finding a Michigan rehab center that meets your needs.

Getting the Help You Need

Perhaps no other state in the United States has felt the burden of the opioids epidemic than Michigan. With cities like Detroit experiencing record-breaking overdose numbers, drug and alcohol addiction is a major concern for everyone here. More than another issue, in Michigan, addiction is a public health and safety issue. Because Michigan is struggling so badly with addiction numbers, looking for treatment out-of-state might be your best chance at recivery.

Without a doubt, you’re bound to find countless addiction recovery centers in Michigan. However, you won’t be able to escape the toxic environment around you. This is why many therapists recommend getting away or looking elsewhere for treatment. By choosing a change of scenery, those in treatment can finally get away from whatever toxic situation they might find themselves in to find the help they need.

That’s why every year, at Lighthouse Recovery Institute, we receive hundreds of people coming from Michigan to Florida to get the help they need and the change of scenery that they deserve to start from zero. Learn how Lighthouse rehab is helping people in your area get sober. 

Lighthouse Substance Abuse Treatment Programs for Michigan Residents

At Lighthouse Recovery Institute, we follow a comprehensive and holistic approach that focuses on the patient. From detox to aftercare recovery programs, our long-term treatments are designed to help each person beat addiction. Learn more about our different levels of care.

detox programs


Withdrawal from drugs and alcohol can be dangerous and uncomfortable. By seeking help at a detox facility, people can safely have the medical support they need to start their recovery journey.

Residential Programs

Inpatient Rehab

Residential rehab programs are ideal for those seeking a treatment plan with supervision and support. These live-in programs are the safest and most comprehensive rehab options available.

Intensive Outpatient Rehab

Intensive outpatient programs (IOP) are excellent for those who have gone through detox and inpatient treatment. Ideal for those who want to maintain school, work, and other obligations attending rehab.

dual diagnosis programs

Dual Diagnosis Programs

Addiction and mental health disorders are tightly connected. A dual diagnosis program helps address both conditions simultaneously to guarantee a comprehensive and long-term recovery.

aftercare programs

Aftercare Recovery Programs

We believe in comprehensive treatment that focuses heavily on relapse prevention. Part of this includes incorporating aftercare recovery programs that offer support to early recovery while maintaining sobriety and celebrating their recovery.

Drug and Alcohol Treatment Services

When it comes to treating substance use disorders, a combination of evidence-based treatment options separates excellent recovery programs from mediocre ones. Our programs are designed based on recommendations from the Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services who suggests a collective treatment approach that incorporates different modalities to address addiction and mental health as a whole.

medication assisted treatment

Medication-Assisted Treatment

In some cases, people might need to follow a medication regimen to manage side effects, mental health disorders, and other conditions. However, medication-assisted treatment (MAT) ensures they follow a regimen that doesn’t result in addiction.

psychotherapy services


A huge part of drug and alcohol addiction recovery involves psychotherapy. We turn to evidence-based treatments like cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) and other therapies to promote a fundamental change in behavior and start the recovery process.

family therapy services

Family Therapy

Addiction is a family disease that impacts every family member. We incorporate family therapy in everyone’s treatment plan to ensure collective healing even from a distance. Family therapy is ideal for those seeking out-of-state treatment.

group therapy services

Group Therapy

Another significant element of addiction treatment is group therapy. Both in-house and through 12-step group meetings, we believe building a sense of fellowship and community is fundamental for long-term recovery and sobriety.

trauma therapy services

Trauma Therapy

Trauma and addiction are closely related. Trauma therapy helps address any unresolved past traumas that might be fueling certain behaviors, including addiction. This step is paramount to start addressing addiction and solve any underlying conditions.

Serving All Michigan

At Lighthouse Recovery Institute, we’ve helped people from all over Michigan get the help and assistance they need to win their battle against addiction. Our services are available to those in:

  • Detroit
  • Lansing
  • Grand Rapids
  • Warren
  • Sterling Heights
  • Ann Arbor
  • Flint
  • Dearborn
michigan rehab center map

Michigan Addiction Statistics

  • Michigan residents admitted to using illicit drugs in the past 30 days. 9.8% 9.8%
  • Michigan adults, aged 18 and older, used alcohol in the past month. 60% 60%
  • All poisonings have involved drugs, with the largest increase in poisonings related to opioid analgesics . 90% 90%
The most caring team of professionals! I have been in the program at all different levels for 9 months now and could not be more thankful for the progress lighthouse recovery has helped me to achieve! The staff continues to help me grow each and every day.
Anna W.

Frequently Asked Questions

Even if you find a Michigan rehab center that offers extensive treatment programs, sometimes you need to seek help out-of-state. Here’s what to know about traveling for treatment. 

Will Insurance Cover Addiction Treatment?

Most insurance policies will cover some or all of your addiction treatment. However, to verify the exact level of coverage, it’s paramount that you contact your insurance provider to help you understand your policy better. At Lighthouse Recovery Institute, we accept most major insurance providers and can help you verify your insurance to see if you’ll have coverage. 

Will Someone Help Me Move to Florida for Treatment?

If you’re considering leaving Michigan to receive addiction treatment in Florida, our team can help you navigate the process. From talking to your insurance provider about coverage for residential treatment to helping you find a sober living home close to our facilities, our admissions team is here to assist you every step of the way. Don’t hesitate to schedule a virtual tour of our treatment center and learn more about our residence. 

About Lighthouse Recovery Institute Drug and Alcohol Rehab

About Lighthouse Recovery Institute Drug and Alcohol Rehab

For those ready to enter drug rehab or alcohol rehab, coming to Lighthouse Recovery Institute can turn lives around. Patients from Detroit to Flint have found the calm and peaceful setting that Florida offers to help them during recovery will readily attest to the usefulness of taking the trip. 

Lighthouse Recovery Institute provides inpatient and outpatient programs, counseling, therapy, and additional resources such as teaching sober life skills. 

Don’t let addiction dominate your life for one more day. If you are unsure whether an inpatient or outpatient drug addiction program is best to choose, we encourage you to call now and speak to a staff member. We are a call away to help guide you during your time of need and help you make the best decision for drug rehab.

We are here to support you during your time of need and help you make the best decision for yourself or your loved one. Click below to speak to a member of our staff directly.