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Our Approach to Florida PHP Drug and Alcohol Treatment

Lighthouse Recovery Institute’s partial hospitalization program (PHP) is a structured, supervised program for patients seeking primary care for addiction treatment. Programming consists of evidenced-based treatment modalities used to improve a person’s capability to function in daily life. After completion of a supervised medical detox the next step in a treatment episode is entering a PHP level of care. PHP is an appropriate setting before an individual enters an outpatient program for drug or alcohol addiction.

During our treatment program, patients have access to staff 24 hours a day, and housing is available to them. Take a tour of our clinical office.

Upon arrival, our clinical team begins a rigorous process of thorough assessments to begin to develop a comprehensive course of care for each patient while attending drug and alcohol treatment.

Clinical services focus on helping patients to become stable after long periods of drug or alcohol abuse. Primary goals during PHP treatment are assisting patients to develop coping skills, effective communication, identifying core issues, trauma resolution, life skill development and beginning to build a sober support network as they navigate the challenges of early recovery. Clinical services are “hands-on” and supportive to ensure that patients develop a solid foundation for the rest of their recovery. Length of time depends on patient progress, which is assessed regularly by the clinical team, patient and the family.

Individual, collaborative, and structured care are the essential elements of PHP programming at Lighthouse Recovery Institute.


Our programs focus on intensive addiction or mental health treatment therapy.

Group therapy is the initial element of addiction treatment. Comprehensive treatment will typically feature various group therapy sessions each treatment day. Led by a therapist, addiction professional or counselor, the group therapy model allows individuals the opportunity to gain insight, learn from other member’s experiences and receive feedback and support from the patient community.

Individual therapy which is a one-on-one interaction between the therapist and an individual to aid provide opportunities for patients to process successes and setbacks in their recovery, discuss underlying issues, and focus on treatment goals and objectives. Our programming is based on personalized experience and designed to meet the individual’s specific needs which might include increased individual therapy sessions as needed.

Medication Management for dual diagnosis patients or individuals struggling with mental health or medical issues is an essential aspect of quality addiction treatment centers. In our PHP programming, individuals have access to medical staff several times a week to discuss symptom management, medication adjustment changes and management of psychotropic medications.


What to expect from Inpatient Rehab and PHP Addiction Treatment?

Between-group therapy and individual sessions, participants will have access to the gym, twelve-step meetings, religious functioning’s if desired, community activities, beach outings, vocational development sessions, family therapy sessions, psychiatric and medical appointments, and auxiliary services such as brain mapping and other holistic services.


For individuals who intend to participate in long-term addiction treatment, and step down into the intensive outpatient level of care and sober living, we provide additional community integration support services. While patients are supervised and engage in all clinical services, we emphasize the importance of beginning to explore goals, interests, and relationships with strong sober supports as well.

PHP patients are encouraged to form connections with sober members of the community from alumni or support organizations. We also regularly provide weekend outings to the beach, nature centers, movies, bowling, and other activities, because we feel it’s vital that recovery includes some fun!

At this level of care, our goal is to assist patients in stabilizing mentally, emotionally, and physically as they prepare for the next step in their recovery journey.

Treatment approaches at this level of care focus on addressing the thinking patterns, emotional experiences, core beliefs, and behaviors that must be shifted to address the root causes of addiction.

Behavioral development takes time, and it is important to remember that drug and alcohol rehab will not cure all the issues facing your loved one overnight, it will take time to see a change in behavior honestly. By having a structured environment where individuals can learn to implement the skills they are learning allows for a truly integrated model of therapy and real life.

insurance for drug and alcohol rehab

How to Pay For Inpatient Rehab

We realize that the cost of inpatient drug and alcohol treatment is an important consideration for many individuals and their families, and we strive to make our treatment options as affordable as possible. Lighthouse Recovery Institute accepts all major insurance carriers, which do have substance use and mental health benefits coverage by law. For more information regarding insurance coverage for drug inpatient rehab or alcohol detoxification, call our confidential and toll-free hotline today.

We are here to support you during your time of need and help you make the best decision for yourself or your loved one. Click below to speak to a member of our staff directly.

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