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Outpatient Rehab

When addiction takes over a person’s life, it can be overwhelming to think about how to get help. However, an addiction treatment program is usually the best course of action for someone who is ready to end their drug or alcohol use. There are many levels of care in a typical addiction treatment program that range from residential programs to outpatient rehab. At Lighthouse Recovery Institute, we proudly provide a range of programs to help people overcome addiction. Once someone is admitted into our care, we work with them to determine which of our addiction treatment programs, including outpatient rehab, would be best for that person. If you or a loved one is ready to break free from addiction in our addiction treatment programs in Florida, reach out to our Lighthouse Recovery Institute team today by calling 866-308-2090 or completing our online form.

What Is Outpatient Rehab?

Our outpatient drug and alcohol treatment program at Lighthouse Recovery Institute is appropriate for individuals who have completed more intensive treatment programs, such as inpatient rehab. At this level of care, patients live independently or in sober living residences and attend weekly individual therapy. The clinical focus is on key elements to sustain long-term recovery, including life skills development and relapse prevention.

Additionally, individuals can attend weekly group therapy sessions based on their needs. Outpatient drug rehab serves as a continuing care option for individuals ready to transition from an addiction treatment setting into a fully independent life. Patients develop vocational skills at this stage in their treatment and are working, pursuing education, or beginning to achieve their long-term goals. Individuals continue to have full access to medical staff, case management assistance, and our auxiliary services during treatment.

Drug and Alcohol Outpatient Treatment

Outpatient treatment encompasses different levels of intensity that depend on the patient’s needs and expectations. Every addiction center handles outpatient rehab a little differently, but it usually includes levels of care, such as:

  • Partial hospitalization program (PHP) – A PHP provides around twenty hours of highly intensive treatment each week to support patients who need daily or intense monitoring in a structured setting to continue their recovery process.  
  • Intensive outpatient program (IOP) – This level of care also provides an interdisciplinary team of providers, but it doesn’t have extensive medical and clinical support like a PHP does. 
  • Standard outpatient program (OP) – This type of program is designed to help patients focus on changing behaviors associated with substance abuse. 

Benefits of Outpatient Treatment

Many have already created a healthy routine, including work, self-care, and leisure. Thus, the outpatient program in Boynton Beach, FL at Lighthouse Recovery Institute offers significant freedom for patients to pursue their responsibilities. At the same time, we ensure that patients have a safe place to discuss any developing issues that may arise during their lives and ongoing therapy to help implement relapse prevention, improve relationships, and attain greater functioning and quality of life.

Outpatient treatment services are available to those who have completed addiction treatment either with us or detox and inpatient programs with one of the facilities we work alongside. Services are available for as long as there is a benefit to be gained. We encourage our alumni to attend groups whenever they need additional support from staff and the community.

Therapy Options in Outpatient Treatment

At Lighthouse Recovery Institute, our outpatient rehab program uses a variety of evidence-based therapies to treat substance use disorders. A patient’s individual treatment plan will dictate which therapies will be used in our outpatient addiction treatment program based on those recommended by their assigned therapist. 

Common behavioral therapies used in outpatient care include:

  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT)
  • Contingency management (CM)
  • Community reinforcement
  • Motivational interviewing therapy (MI)
  • 12-Step facilitation therapy
  • Family therapy 

Facilities in Outpatient Treatment

At Lighthouse Recovery Institute, we want all of our patients to feel comfortable throughout their time with us in outpatient treatment. Our luxurious facilities allow our patients to focus on their treatment plan and their recovery. Our Lighthouse Recovery Institute facilities include:
  • A group therapy room
  • A family therapy room
  • A conference room
  • A dual diagnosis treatment center
  • Private rooms for individual therapy sessions
If you’d like to schedule an in-person or virtual tour of our facilities, reach out to our Lighthouse Recovery Institute team online or at 866-308-2090.

Find out if outpatient rehab at lighthouse recovery institute is right for you

If you are still unclear about which addiction program, level of care, or service is best for you or your loved one, we encourage you to reach out to or Lighthouse Recovery Institute team today. We are here to support you and your family during your time of need. Contact us by calling 866-308-2090 or completing our online form and learn more about our outpatient rehab center.
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