Intensive Outpatient Program

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Intensive Outpatient Program

What is Intensive Outpatient Treatment (IOP)?

Our Intensive outpatient program is the crucial step for patients who have completed inpatient drug rehab or partial hospitalization programming with an addiction treatment center. Patients at this level of care are offered a balance between structured accountability and increased freedom to work, volunteer, and spend time with their sober support networks. Individuals reside either at home or in supervised sober living residences, with the ability to leave the property and engage in their daily lives independently while still abiding by a curfew and structured scheduling. This level of care is not appropriate for individuals who are still experiencing post-acute withdrawal symptoms and in need of medical detox.

While in our inpatient drug and alcohol treatment program, individuals have developed sober support networks and begun seeking employment or fulfilling volunteer or education commitments.

Case management services are incorporated into treatment during intensive outpatient programming as individuals develop resumes and start assuming more financial and emotional independence. While attending IOP, patients begin transitioning to personal freedom by engaging in work, school, volunteering, or other activities that align with their long-term goals.

Our Approach to Florida IOP Drug and Alcohol Treatment

Numerous benefits go along with participating in IOP for addiction recovery. Flexibility and individualize programming is one of the most significant advantages that individuals recognized.

The scheduling of groups and private therapy sessions around work and academic hours, offers many individuals the security and support they need as they resume their responsibilities.

Flexibility offers support as patients start to tackle the challenges of daily life in sobriety and encouragement as they begin fulfilling their goals. Intensive outpatient programming provides a step between continuous supervision and entirely independent living outside of care, offering a chance to transition slowly and safely into successful, sober adulthood.

At the IOP level of care; the clinical focus is to encourage enhanced development of basic coping skills for managing emotions, cravings, and the initial difficulties of recovery. Therapy at this level of care focuses on helping patients to explore and resolve core issues that can be barriers to long-term success in recovery. Treatment methods focus on helping develop the skills necessary for conflict resolution, developing healthy relationships, and engaging in regular self-care. IOP patients are encouraged to use our alumni and professional community both as a resource and for support, as they navigate challenges associated with working, joining educational institutions, and taking on additional responsibilities in their lives.

What Should I Expect During Intensive Outpatient Programming?

Throughout addiction treatment, individuals have access to the gym, nutrition consultations, medical staff and psychiatric services, and other auxiliary services needed to provide a comprehensive and quality treatment episode. By maintaining a seamless continuum of care, we work to ensure that the IOP program at Lighthouse Recovery Institute serves as a healthy transition period for patients who are ready for increased independence as they continue to progress in their recovery.

Addiction is a complicated and often misunderstood disorder. Quality Florida intensive outpatient treatment requires a comprehensive and compassionate team-based approach. Each person’s length of stay is individualized to best suit their specific needs, and their one-of-a-kind treatment plan. Our Florida intensive outpatient program group times vary each day, and evening groups are available. Our IOP drug treatment center uses cutting-edge clinical treatment modalities, as well as evidence-based concepts, to allow our patients the support and structure they need during a difficult transition in their lives. When programming and life skills are integrated efficiently, there can be very positive outcomes for long-term success.

Does Insurance cover Intensive Outpatient Treatment?

Insurance plans will cover some or all the cost of intensive outpatient programs. If you or a loved one are considering about entering our intensive outpatient program for drug or alcohol addiction, and looking to obtain detailed information about the insurance plans accepted our trained staff could provide a free assessment. For more information regarding insurance coverage for drug outpatient rehab or alcohol outpatient rehab contact us today.

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