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About Us

Florida’s Best Gender-Specific Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center

Lighthouse Recovery Institute, located in Delray Beach, Florida, is a licensed drug and alcohol treatment center, specializing in gender-specific recovery.

We’re the perfect environment for individuals struggling with substance abuse, eating disorders, and trauma. You’ll be safe, protected, and comfortable in our gender-specific treatment center.

gender-specific drug rehab

We offer the following programs for adults, 18 and older:

Lighthouse Recovery Institute is a gender-specific addiction treatment center. We treat both men and women, though both have separate housing and clinical groups. This allows for a focused recovery that simply isn’t possible in mixed-gender treatment centers.

We’ve earned our stellar reputation by providing quality and competitively priced care. Our staff is comprised of doctors, psychiatrists, licensed therapists, dietitians, certified addiction professionals, interventionists, addictionologists, and mental health technicians, all of whose goal is to assist our clients on their path to recovery. We provide high level medical, dietary, and therapeutic care.

At Lighthouse Recovery Institute, we provide recovery for our clients through individualized treatment plans. We treat each and EVERY client with specialized and personal care.

Addiction is not a choice!

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Our Mission

At Lighthouse Recovery Institute, our mission is to help our clients attain peace of mind, happiness, and permanent recovery.

Our clinical staff boasts over 30 years experience in substance abuse, eating disorder, and trauma treatment. Our passionate team of doctors, therapists, and treatment specialists provide the highest quality care for EVERYONE who walks through our doors.

All counseling, groups, and recovery resources offered at Lighthouse Recovery Institute occur in a gender-specific environment. This fosters growth and emotional development that simply isn’t possible in a mixed-gender environment.

Our Values & Goals

At Lighthouse Recovery Institute, our values are at the heart of our clinical philosophy. We value accountability, ambition, balance, compassion, faith, family, growth, happiness, hard work, honesty, originality, and service. We’re invested in helping our clients attain these, achieve permanent sobriety, and gain life-long happiness.

Our goal is to become an industry leading substance abuse, eating disorder, and trauma treatment center.

Guided by our core values, strong belief system, and relentless pursuit of perfection, we’re redefining the treatment center experience. At Lighthouse Recovery Institute, our main purpose is to help EVERYONE recover, no matter what.

Who do we help?

At Lighthouse Recovery Institute our goal is to provide individuals and families with a comprehensive addiction treatment plan. Under this umbrella we develop a tailor plan to help address the underlying causes and conditions which are attributing to the disease of addiction. Having a multifaceted approach, we address the medical, psychotherapeutic and social services approach to ensure every issue is addressed while an individual is in our care. Through this avenue we strive to help our patients rebuild trust and healthy relationships with their families and learn healthy coping mechanisms for all of life’s challenges.

Our gender specific philosophy is geared towards helping men and women overcome their addiction. We help young adult males and adult males by creating a multigenerational program to address male issues that are common in their lives, including co-occurring disorders and life skills.

To learn more about our young men (18-25) or adult male program please click here.

Our women’s program is geared toward empowering women to address their overall wellness, self-esteem, trauma and healthy relationships. We are able to identify cross-addiction, depression, anxiety, shame, and self-injurious behaviors

To learn more about your young women’s program (18-25) or women’s adult program please click here.