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Our inpatient program is one of the best addiction treatment plans in South Florida. Find out if inpatient rehab is the right choice for you.

Inpatient Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Our inpatient drug and alcohol treatment centers are gender-specific. At Lighthouse Recovery Institute, we focus on evidence-based addiction treatment programs. Research shows that gender-specific treatment centers have better outcomes. So our inpatient program follows those guidelines.

Our inpatient rehab center’s primary goal is to offer a continuation of medically-supervised treatment for patients who can benefit from long-term addiction treatment programs. Our medical team is on-site 24/7 to help you remain comfortable, prevent withdrawal symptoms, and offer you a sense of safety.

There are many inpatient rehab centers to choose from in South Florida. Yet, Lighthouse Recovery Institute is one of the very few to offer comprehensive addiction treatment in gender-specific accommodations. Our commitment is to help men and women recover from addiction.

Our mission is to offer personalized treatment and offer holistic solutions to help our patients find long-term recovery.

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The Best Residential Program in South Florida

  • We only work with small groups to ensure we can offer our patients the best attention and service.


  • Certified addiction therapists and counselors always lead the group therapies.


  • We count on licensed Medical Doctors on staff to evaluate and offer medication-assisted treatments as needed.


  • Alternative therapies, including music therapy, yoga, acupuncture, and more are available to our residents.
  • Residences are conveniently located close to our treatment facility with on-site transportation.


  • Nutritional plans and full-size kitchens are available to encourage healthy living.


  • Activities to nearby beaches, shopping centers, restaurants, parks, and more are organized.


  • Aftercare planning and support help our patients’ transition better into life after treatment.
My daughter has been struggling with addiction for a while now. I found Lighthouse Recovery Institute, and I’ll be forever grateful for their help for my daughter and my family. They remained in constant communication with me, and their family support liaison directed me to many resources that helped me get support for myself. I would recommend them for someone struggling with addiction and whose family needs support as I did.
Melissa P.

Advantages of Choosing an Inpatient Program

24/7 Medical Support

Detox from certain substances can be life-threatening. Having access to medical support, trained to handle these situations can be life-saving. Inpatient rehab provides medical support once someone leaves detox to ease the program and guarantee a better outcome.

Structure and Guidance

Inpatient rehab is a structured environment with every second of the day accounted for. Rehab programs follow a structured plan to help people embrace healthy living and start working towards their recovery.

Nutritional Support

Nutrition plays a vital role in addiction recovery. Meals in inpatient rehab are designed to meet the nutritional needs of someone detoxing from drugs and alcohol. Those in recovery need a diet high in thiamine and other vitamins that substance abuse depletes. Nutritional support can also help with withdrawal symptoms like nausea, vomiting, stomach upset, and cravings.

Safe Environment

Not everyone chooses to detox from drugs and alcohol is surrounded by a safe environment of a supportive group of people. Inpatient rehab offers an opportunity to change the scenery and walk away from a toxic environment. Rehab helps people build new and healthy relationships that don’t involve substances.

Easy Access to Treatment

Most addicts don’t have the means for transportation, which means they won’t meet the scheduling demands of other forms of treatment. Inpatient rehab allows them to live in the same place they receive treatment. With the right support, transportation assistance, and close proximity to the treatment center, patients are more likely to fulfill the program and embrace sobriety.


Does Insurance Cover Inpatient Rehab?

Insurance plans will cover some or all the cost of inpatient programs. If you or a loved one are considering entering our intensive outpatient program for drug or alcohol addiction and looking to obtain detailed information about the insurance plans, our trained staff could provide a free assessment. For more information regarding insurance coverage for drug outpatient rehab or alcohol outpatient rehab, contact us today.

Our commitment lies in helping you or your loved one find the best addiction treatment that channels your unique needs. Help for addiction is available, start today.