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Time is of the essence when enrolling in an addiction treatment center. To ensure that you can begin treatment as soon as possible, we have streamlined our admissions process for patients, their families, and referral sources.

Admitting to Lighthouse Recovery Institute consists of the following simple steps:

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Our compassionate admissions department is available around the clock to assist you during your time of need. Your admission’s coordinator will schedule a phone screening assessment, which is approximately 15-30-minutes. This is a clinical evaluation of the individual seeking substance abuse treatment. These assessments, which review mental health and substance use history, determine the appropriate treatment protocol for the patient.

Verify Health Insurance and/or Self-Pay Treatment Options

Addiction treatment should be affordable. During the admissions process, we will collect your insurance and financial information during the initial phone assessment. During this process, we will be able to verify your health insurance benefits and find out detailed information regarding your health insurance plan including coverage, criteria, limitations, deductibles, and co-insurance. We work alongside most insurance providers to ensure that the insurance companies cover a majority of the costs.

For patients without health insurance, we have several options to provide access to addiction treatment care. Contact us to discuss a variety of self-pay plans that are affordable and reasonable. We offer flexible finance options to make treatment accessible to all. To discuss self-pay options, call (866-308-2090)

Schedule a Date to Arrive

Within hours of your initial phone consultation with one of our experienced admissions coordinators, you can schedule your date of arrival and intake. Our incredible team of coordinators and clinicians will assist you in setting up travel arrangements. Additionally, ongoing support will be provided throughout the process to ensure that everything runs smoothly. If you travel via airline, the staff will meet you at the airport and provide transportation to the facility.

What You Need to Know About Admission to Rehab

Arrive at Lighthouse Recovery Institute

Firest, we will be ready for your arrival and be prepared to greet you for your intake upon arrival. Our goal is to make your admission into rehab as comfortable as possile. Second, new patients will be thoroughly assessed to identify primary needs and to make their transition as comfortable as possible. If a medical detox is needed, then proper accommodations will be arranged. Within 24 hours of arrival, clinical, medical, and psychiatric assessments will begin to create an effective, individualized plan for care.

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