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The Future of Insurance in the Rehab Industry

The addiction treatment industry has always had a fraught relationship with insurance companies. It’s not uncommon to hear of individuals getting kicked out of residential treatment centers because their insurance company won’t pay. And, insurance fraud was quite a common issue when it revolved around drug rehab. But that doesn’t mean insurance coverage for addiction treatment hasn’t changed.

The Dangers of Meth Trafficking

And, this year alone, the DEA has seized thousands of pounds of meth. The increased amounts of meth coming across the border shows no signs of slowing in 2020. What we’re seeing is a massive spike in both consumption and production. Learn about meth addiction prevention, meth trends, and meth rehab options.

The Relationship Between Recovering Alcoholics & Anger

Understanding the troubled relationship between recovering alcoholics and anger is key to finding ways to enjoy longterm sobriety and comfort.

What’s the Deal with E-Cigs? Are they Safe?

Electronic Cigarettes, or e-cigarettes for short, are the newest fad to come out in the smoking cessation community. Vaporizer, or vape for short, is also a means of electronic smoking and come in more customizable makeups. Sales have grown tremendously over the years, with many concerns surrounding the long-term effects and risk of attracting younger individuals who are not legally able to purchase cigarettes.

Mixing Benzos and Alcohol

Benzodiazepines are a form of sedative. When taken in certain doses, they can slow vital body functions such as breathing. Mixing benzos with alcohol multiplies the sedative effects. Essentially, taking even small doses of both at the same time can cause effects even...

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