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There are many ways to consume marijuana; it is perhaps one of the most versatile drugs out there. Brownies, gummies, butter, concentrates, and tinctures are
The rise in popularity and the legalization of cannabis products have expanded the different ways we consume cannabis. Nowadays, you can find brownies, gummies,
With so many states legalizing marijuana, parents are now facing a new dilemma: how to bring up the topic of drug use? We all
Among young people, the term “cross-faded” is synonymous with having fun. However, the term indeed talks about overlapping drug effects, particularly of combining alcohol
With most states in the country legalizing marijuana, you might be questioning how to get weed out of your system. While it might be
Marijuana is a very complex drug that produces different side effects on people. Many people wonder if weed is a hallucinogen, like LSD or
Initially, marijuana was seen as a medicinal plant. Later, it became illegal. Today, over thirty states have laws that allow for recreational and medicinal
Marijuana comes from the shredded and dried parts of the cannabis plant, including its flowers, seeds, leaves, and stems. Also known as weed, pot,
Many states legalize marijuana across the nation; some don’t categorize marijuana has a dangerous drug anymore. However, there’s a misconception that marijuana is not
Marijuana has several medical benefits. While not all of these relate to decreasing pain, there are some known positives about using marijuana as a
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