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Most people associate the word codependency with an abusive romantic relationship. In reality, some of the most common codependent relationships are with parents. Often,
In your mind, you’ve made one of the most significant decisions in your life – going to rehab. However, in the real world, you
While addiction can be messy and destructive, treatment is the opposite of that. Coming to terms with getting addiction treatment is a huge milestone.
Starting in the early 2000s, Connecticut faced a surge in opioid prescription drug addiction. Like many other states in the country, the opioid epidemic
So many drug addicts try to quit without rehab at least once. They all believe they have the tools, willpower, and strategies to quit
Without a doubt, one of the worse parts of seeking help for substance abuse is experiencing withdrawal symptoms. For some, withdrawal symptoms can start
When someone realizes they have a substance use disorder, they might try to get help. However, they’re often faced with the high costs of
When parents try to figure out how to help an addicted child, they’ll sometimes try what we know as tough love. This means they’re
When someone struggles with drug or alcohol addiction, they often don’t know how to get the help they need. Most of the time, not
Addiction treatment is challenging, to say the least. The recovery journey is filled with many ups and downs that take courage, strength, and willpower
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