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Programs Offered

Programs And Services

We offer a variety of programs and services to help meet the needs of any individual that comes across our path. Our family focused philosophy is driven by evidenced based practiced to help meet break the barriers individuals face in regards to overcoming their addiction. We offer services for young adults as well as adults. Our comprehensive and holistic programs are accompanied by a multifaceted approach to ensure that all aspects of an individual are treated while in treatment. Each patient that Lighthouse Recovery Institute is assigned a treatment team comprised of licensed physicians, counselors, spirituality coaches, nutritionists and trauma specialists to help meet their needs. Our clinical staff has years of experience treating a multitude of patients.
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Treatment Programs for Men

We offer multiple level of care of young men and adults seeking help for their substance use and co-occurring disorders. We are able to create a therapeutic environment where men can focus on their underlying issues attributing to their addiction. While engaged in treatment each patient’s program will be based on their specific needs composed of individual therapy, group therapy, family programming, educational lectures, therapeutic activities (team building, physical activity, creative development) and community integration planning. Clinical attention will be integrated into various issues men face in their day to day life including control, aggression, compulsive behaviors, coping skills, and stress. While focusing on evidence based treatment modalities such as cognitive behavioral therapy and motivational interviewing we are able to attend to the needs related to their gender, creating more engagement and better outcomes in recovery.

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Treatment Programs for Women

In Florida our women reside together in an all-female building that provides programming for young women (18 -25) and adult women. The comprehensive and multi-generational program fosters an environment where female patients can work on trust and companionship to help gear them in the path of long lasting recovery and support. In our program women will work on a multitude of issues while being in a therapeutic environment. While focusing on evidence based modalities women will be assigned a treatment team upon admission into the program, of which is depending on their individual issues and needs. We focus not just on substance abuse but also co-occurring disorders, sexual trauma, continuing care for eating disorders, body image issues, guilt and shame, parenthood, relationship issues and other self-injurious behavior. Our women’s programming allows for the development of healthy relationships not just with other women but with men and themselves.

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Family Programming

It is no surprise that addiction is a family disease. The entire family system is impacted as a result of the addict and their behavior. The pain, loss of trust and stress play a powerful role in the healing process of treatment. This is why it is imperative that the entire family, not just the patient, has access to resources while the patient is in treatment. The goal is the entire family has a chance to heal and regain control. We understand and believe that active family participation in treatment is vital for long lasting success in recovery. We provide support and resources for families to participate not just in their loved one’s treatment but also in their own path to recovery.

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