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Family Program

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Lighthouse Recovery Institute understands that addiction is truly a “family disease.” Although only one member of the family may suffer from substance dependency directly, everyone who is involved suffers the devastating consequences. Because the emotional, mental and spiritual trauma of addiction affects every member of the immediate family, we strongly encouraged the parents of addicts to not only stay involved in the treatment process, but to seek treatment of their own in some form or another. Drug and alcohol treatment for families may seem like a daunting process, but we make it essential and approachable for all who come to Lighthouse Recovery Institute.

Parents-of-Addicts-image-01As part of our family program, we offer family therapy sessions with the addict and those closest to him or her. These sessions are facilitated by one of our licensed and highly-experienced on-staff therapists. Because our residence is located in Florida and many clients travel here from other states, we offer family therapy sessions over the phone or via Skype. While phone sessions are extremely productive, we highly encourage the families of addicts and alcoholics who come from elsewhere to make Skype accessible. That’s because visual interaction during communication helps make the experience more personal. Of course, if a client is originally from Florida and the family is located within a reasonable distance, we do encourage the families of addicts to come to the clinical offices and participate in family sessions in-person.

Additionally, we encourage the families of our clients to travel to our residences once every four to eight weeks so they have the opportunity to be a more hands-on part of the overall treatment experience.

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Our Faith in Family Involvement

Each family therapy session — whether it be over the phone, via Skype, or in-person — will last roughly half-an-hour. Not only will these family therapy sessions help the family unit heal in a comprehensive and thorough manner, but they will allow case managers the opportunity to become better acquainted with the individual members of each client’s family.

Drug and Alcohol Treatment Program Families

Lighthouse Recovery Institute believes that addiction recovery is a highly personal and intimate process and we pride ourselves on taking the time to get well-acquainted with the parents of the addict as well as the addict him or herself. Furthermore, we hope and expect that the relationship we foster with parents will continue in the future. To that end, our case managers will check in with the client and with his or her parents for one year after graduation from our inpatient program.

If the family members of a newly sober addict or alcoholic have any questions regarding individual progress, specialized advice or suggestions, or the recovery process in general, they are more than welcome to call one of our staff members or representatives at any time during or after inpatient treatment.

For the Parents of Addicts: “Helping Yourself”

Being the parent of a young man or woman who has been afflicted with a severe case of substance dependency is painful, overwhelming, and at times, seemingly insurmountable. We at the Lighthouse Recovery Institute have extensive experience dealing with the many negative effects addiction has on the family as a whole.

We believe that in order for the afflicted individual to thoroughly heal and begin establishing a healthy relationship with the members of his or her family, they must undergo a recovery process of their own. We recommend that the parents of addicts and alcoholics seek out their own forms of therapeutic healing, such as ones that are commonly found in family-oriented support groups.

Al-Anon, a 12-step method of recovery for the families and loved ones of individuals battling substance dependency, has proven immensely beneficial for the family members of our clients. We are happy to provide all who ask with a comprehensive list of Al-Anon meetings in their area. We have also come to find that individual therapy sessions can be beneficial for the loved ones of addicts, allowing them safe and non-biased environments to express their true feelings regarding the issue at hand.

Our Family Program helps bring Families Closer

Family-Programs-Icon-01If someone you love is suffering from a life-threatening addiction to drugs or alcohol, it is almost inevitable that you have also been suffering at the hands of the addiction. Fortunately, once the recovery process is successfully initiated, the seemingly unending nights of sleepless worry, the unrelenting fear, and the emotional and mental turmoil of seeing someone you love deteriorate before your eyes is finally coming to an end.

Now it is time to heal yourself – to focus on regaining your own mental and physical health through self-care and proven methods of recuperation. While you heal alongside your loved one, you will be able to witness all of the miracles of recovery that are steadily beginning to take place in his or her own life.

We at the Lighthouse Recovery Institute believe that addiction recovery is a family process, just as addiction is a family disease. For more information on our drug and alcohol treatment programs for families, please contact one of our trained representatives today.