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An Open Letter to Johnny Manziel In Rehab

Dear Johnny Manziel,

I don’t blame you. I don’t blame you one bit. They nicknamed you “Johnny Football.” They, of course, being the world of Texas football. I’m not sure when they gave you such a lofty title, but it must have been hell trying to live up to it. They idolized you, pumped your head full of praise, and gilded you and your ego to a Heisman level.

johnny manziel drugs

Somewhere along the way you believed they hype, you bought into the promotion of yourself, and you began the charade. Making “money signs” every time you did something good, posing for and with any celebrity who crossed your path, and acting like a hall of fame quarterback before you ever stepped on an NFL practice field. It’s not your fault. Anyone in your position would have believed, bought into, and embodied the manufactured royalty.

I had the same problem you did, Johnny – massive, unjustified, ego inflation. It changed my life for the worse. It sent me towards drugs, alcohol, women, and evil because I thought I was bigger than my consequences.

What I’ve learned over the years is the one thing that I believe can save you. You live a better sermon with your actions than your words. Once I stopped telling everyone how great of a guy I was and started acting like a great guy, I started to become a great guy. I told everyone I was awesome, I told them I was kind and sweet, yet I cheated, stole, abused drugs, and lied. Your actions speak louder than words. Your ego is driving your actions. Get rid of your ego.

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Let your legacy be based on the merit of your actions on and off the field. Do not let your entire self-worth be based off the opinion of others and projected success. Let your internal beliefs be based off of your actual, non-fictional accomplishments.

Learn humility. In treatment, this will be preached to you I’m sure. Humility is the fuel of success and honesty. Humility is the absence of ego. None of us have gotten to where we are today without the help of others. Johnny, imagine your college career without the fans, without your offensive line, without your coaches. It would have been just you alone in an empty stadium.

I imagine that’s how you feel now. That’s a very good thing. You’ve never tasted the bottom of the barrel. You’ve never had to watch from the bench. Now that you have, you’ll appreciate the peak once you rise again.

Put others first. Put ego aside. Be part of your team. Find a power bigger than yourself.
It’s not your fault your got to this point. It’s not your fault you ended up in treatment.
But from this day forward, knowing all you know now, it is 100% your fault if you don’t change.

While you’re in treatment, Johnny, think of someone who used to be on your team – Josh Gordon. His lack of humility and decision to not change his behaviors stripped him of everyman’s dream – a career in the NFL.

Don’t make his mistake. Change who you are on the inside and you might just find the ball flies a little further and straighter when thrown with humility.

I wish you the best,

Tim Myers

7 Sober Life Hacks

Sober Life Hacks

After going through treatment, getting a sponsor, and working steps, we have the tools to stay sober for good. But now we have to live life on life’s terms. Guess what? Life can be tough!

That’s where theses seven sober life hacks come in.

1) Get a Nonalcoholic Drink

sober life hacks

We didn’t get sober to be boring…we’re not a glum lot! What do we do if we’re at a party, bar, or somewhere else and someone won’t stop pestering us to drink? Simple. We use this sober life hack.

This one’s kind of obvious, but still important. Get a Shirley Temple, Roy Rodgers, or some other drink named after an actor! Get a lime and tonic water. No one will know they’re nonalcoholic.

More importantly, no one’s going to pester you to drink if you already have one in your hand.

2) Say You’re Allergic to Alcohol

The best part about this sober life hack is that it’s the truth! We are allergic to alcohol…just not in the way most people think of allergies.

If someone asks you to drink and you say you’re allergic, chances are they won’t ask again.

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3) Learn if Someone Likes You

So, you’re at a party with your Roy Rodgers and you notice this cutie across the room. He, or she, is eyeballing you, but you don’t have the liquid courage of alcohol! What do you do?

Simple. You try out this sober life hack. Walk over to them and start a conversation. Then fold your arms, play with your hair, adjust your glasses, or any type of other nonverbal communication.

Watch what the person does. If they mimic you, chances are they’re interested. That’s because they’re subconsciously paying close attention to you and are following your social cues.

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4) Make Anyone Like You

awesome sober life hacks

If you’ve followed these sober life hacks up to now, you’re probably talking to a cutie and having a great time. But what happens if the cutie doesn’t follow your nonverbal cues? What happens if they’re not interested?

Well, you go home and pray and meditate! If you want to try something before this, though, you simply repeat the cutie’s name and nod frequently.

This shows you’re interested in what they’re saying and makes you appear welcoming and friendly. It may subconsciously make the other person nod, which also boosts their mood.

Last but not least, this sober life hack helps you remember their name!


5) How to Calm Anyone Down

There’s this little thing called emotional sobriety. It’s all about being spirituality fit and emotionally balanced.

That’s pretty tough, though. After all, interacting with people, places, and things on a daily basis can stress anyone out. So, how do we keep our cool, even when someone else is losing it?

Let’s say we’re at the party and some guy has too much to drink. He rips his shirt off, starts yelling, and tries to fight you. What do you do?

This sober life hack’s as simple as moving a few feet away. When someone’s angry, stand next to, rather than in front of, them. This way you won’t appear to be a threat or continue to get them riled up.

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6) Asking for Help

After we’ve been sober for a little while, our ego can come roaring back. Ego, along with a ton of other character defects, often makes it hard to ask for help. This is especially true if we’re asking a nonalcoholic for help!

Want to know how to ask for help and then get the help? It’s simple. Say, “I need help.” It isn’t fun, but it works. It’ll humble you and no one’s going to respond to a plea for help with negativity.

7) Trust in God and Help Others!

Duh! This is last, but certainly not least. In fact, this is 100% the most important sober life hack on the list.

If we live our lives upon spiritual principals, everything else seems to fall into place. This isn’t always true, but by and large it is.

So, pray and meditate. Then go out in the world and help others. We don’t need any other sober life hacks.

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