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Find Out the Truth: are E-Cig’s Safe?

What’s the Deal, are E-cig’s Safe?

are ecigs safe

Electronic Cigarettes, or E-cig’s for short, are the newest fad to come out in the smoking cessation community. Vaporizer, or vape for short, sales have grown tremendously since 2008. That year there were 50,000 sold, versus the 3.5 million in 2012.

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What are E-Cig’s?

Electronic cigarettes, also known as e-cig’s and vapes, are electric inhalers used to replace tobacco smoking. Vapes use different amounts of nicotine and come in a variety of flavors. There’s no smoke involved, only vapor. They often look like regular tobacco cigarettes. They have the same shape, but are usually much longer, almost like a pen. Vaporizers can also be much thicker and hold large amounts of liquid. These liquid containers can be screwed off, allowing the user to try different flavors, as well as increase and decrease nicotine levels.

An electronic cigarette consists of four main parts: the battery, the atomizer (a wick which absorbs nicotine liquid and is heated by a coil to produce vapor), the cartomizer (a tank which holds nicotine liquid), and the mouthpiece.

What are the Pro’s of E-cig’s?

  • Not smoking tobacco
  • May help to taper off cigarette addiction
  • May be more effective than traditional nicotine replacement methods
  • Has a less toxic make-up than cigarettes
  • Less nicotine than cigarettes
  • Offers similar sensation to smoking cigarettes

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What are the Con’s of E-cig’s?

  • Not proven to help stop smoking cigarettes
  • Still contain cancer-causing agents
  • FDA found a poisonous liquid in some e-cig’s that claimed to be additive-free
  • Still somewhat harmful to humans
  • Those experimenting with e-cig’s may find themselves moving to cigarettes
  • Addictive
  • Still can cause Heart disease, Asthma, Emphysema, and pregnancy issues

10 Facts about E Cigarettes


E-cigarettes and vapes are becoming increasingly popular. On a positive note, they’re great for the maintenance of nicotine use, and to help quit smoking traditional cigarettes. Many find this method instead easier than using nicotine patches or gum. Being able to have the same sensation as smoking cigarettes is helpful to many e-cig users.

However, the use of e-cig’s and vapes hasn’t been proven to be a completely effective method of quitting cigarettes. People have been able to quit while using e-cig’s and vapes, but have ending up relapsing into cigarettes months, or years, later.

Young people can also be suckered into vaping by it’s fad appeal or attractive flavors. There’s also peer pressure to take into account. Using e-cig’s and vapes may be a gateway to smoking cigarettes for these younger people.

E-cigarettes and vaporizers still contain nicotine and are still dangerous to one’s health over long periods of time. There are numerous studies currently taking place about the health effects of e-cig’s. Also, the legalities of e-cig’s and vapes are being looked into. Right now, nicotine liquid is a largely unregulated market.
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Is Vaping Safe?

It seems like we may finally have an answer to the age-old question – is vaping safe?

There seem to be as many myths surrounding vaping and e-cig liquid as there are facts. These range from the myth that there’s antifreeze in e-cig liquid to the commonly held belief that vaping will cause your lungs to fill with water. Of course, like many myths, they don’t hold up under scrutiny.

So, is vaping safe? Is vaping bad for you? Let’s find out the truth!

Myth – There’s Antifreeze in E-Cig Liquid

This is 100% false. There is not antifreeze in e-cig liquid.

Vaping liquid uses propylene glycol as a base. This sounds suspiciously like diethylene glycol, which is an ingredient in antifreeze.

It’s possible that someone mixed up the two names and inadvertently started a myth that just won’t seem to go away.

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Myth – Nicotine Causes Cancer

Nicotine doesn’t cause cancer. I can’t overstate this point enough.

What does cause cancer are carcinogens. These are harmful chemicals which are produced when cigarettes are burned and inhaled (aka smoked).

Many carcinogens come from the tar present in combusting tobacco. In fact, tar contains over seventy known carcinogens.

Does vaporizing and inhaling (aka vaping) nicotine cause cancer? Well, the jury’s still out on this one. There simply haven’t been enough studies conducted. What we do know, though, is that nicotine itself doesn’t cause cancer.

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Myth – Vaping E-Cig Liquid is as Dangerous as Smoking

This myth is an extension of the one above. Is vaping safe? Again, it’s too soon to tell. It’s abundantly clear that vaping e-cig liquid is nowhere near as dangerous as smoking traditional cigarettes.e-cig liquid

Consider that cigarettes contain over 4,000 harmful chemicals, including arsenic and carbon monoxide. Then consider that e-cig liquid contains trace amounts of some of these chemicals.

You decide which is more dangerous.

Myth – Second Hand Vapor is Harmful

All I have to say about the dangerous of second hand vapor can be summed up in one simple quote.

Inhalation Toxicology, a medical journal, states that “The study indicates no apparent risk to human health from e-cigarette emissions based on the compounds analyzed.”

End of story.

Myth – No One Knows the Ingredients in E-Cig Liquid

This is not even a little bit true! There have been numerous studies conducted by numerous organizations in numerous countries. All these studies show a relatively small number of ingredients in e-cig liquid (small being twenty or fewer ingredients).

There are some companies that use potentially harmful chemicals in their vape liquid (but no antifreeze!). However, the majority all use non-toxic ingredients that are safe for human consumption.

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Is Vaping Bad for You?

Okay, we’ve answer the questions “is vaping safe?” and “is vaping bad for you?” It seems that while vaping isn’t 100% safe, it’s a large improvement over smoking.

In fact, when asking “is vaping safe,” we need to keep in mind that safe is a subjective term. What one person considers safe may be dangerous to another.

There’s one thing we can all agree on, though. Vaping is an improvement over smoking. For addicts and alcoholics used to making harmful decisions, switching from smoking to vaping may just be a smart bet.

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