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Students and academics are a unique population whose voice is often underserved in the continuum of care of substance abuse treatment. Seeking addiction treatment doesn’t have to mean giving up your goals and it certainly does not mean you must give up achieving a higher education. Having goals and pursuing them can be esteem building when used in conjunction with support from our evidenced-based drug rehab. Students have a place at Lighthouse Recovery Institute, where they are assisted as they balance the demands of seeking continued higher education with the challenges of early recovery. Students are supported through flexible scheduling and case management services. From college-enrolled students to patients seeking to finish or further their education, we offer a dynamic program to support individuals at every stage of their education and career development.

Case management is always available to assist patients with enrollment, time management, financial aid, vocational and life skills development, and accessing auxiliary education services such as tutoring. GED classes are available and transportation services can be integrated into programming for patients seeking educational services.

Various therapeutic models are employed to help patients manage stress and emotions as they work towards their long-term educational goals. In group and individual sessions, relapse prevention skills are emphasized to assist patients in navigating the pressures of a variety of educational environments. A big component of sobriety is gaining the freedom and ability to pursue goals, dreams, and fulfillment, however, it is defined by the individual. The Lighthouse Recovery Institute clinical team is invested in our patients and their success in their educational pursuits.

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