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Addiction Treatment Among College Students

Beginning college can be an overwhelming experience leading to anxiety due to both academic and social pressure. As a result, episodes of binge drinking are frequent on college campuses. These routine experiences of binge drinking can quickly manifest into an addiction for unsuspecting students. “Stress resulting from the demands of internships, working, course work, mixed with peer pressure, are just a few reasons many college students are high risk for developing a drug or alcohol addiction,” says Jessica Bonaventura, Licensed Mental Health Counselor of Lighthouse Rehab Center.

However, with early intervention, students can seek help with minimal interference of their college education through addiction treatment.

College Students and Drug Abuse

Experimentation of drugs is commonplace during college. Some of the most common drugs of choice on college campuses include Alcohol, AdderallMarijuana, Cocaine, and Ecstasy. 

Additionally, fraternities and sororities provide an atmosphere that promotes drinking as acceptable for many young adults on college campuses. The result is that many individuals begin struggling with dependence on these drugs, and their education soon becomes impacted. Our Florida Drug Rehab Center offers a variety of options for students seeking counseling and support with their substance abuse or alcohol addiction.


Substance Abuse and Mental Health On College Campuses


Drug Abuse and Rehab For College Students

Generally, if a student’s drug or alcohol use is severe, medical treatment is recommended. Addiction treatment for students frequently begins with detox services to help monitor any withdrawal symptoms and cravings. The next step after completing a medical detox is admission into a drug rehab center specializing in assisting students with resuming coursework.

Drug rehab does not mean students must give up achieving a higher education. Having goals and pursuing them can be esteem building when used in conjunction with support from our drug rehab. Thus, addicted students find the balance of the demands of seeking higher education with the challenges of early recovery.

As a result, students have flexible scheduling and case management services at our Florida Treatment Center. For college-enrolled students or patients seeking to finish their education, we offer a dynamic substance abuse program to support individuals at every stage of their education and career development.

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