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Recovery from addiction is a challenging journey that requires not only the determination and resilience of the individual in recovery but also the unwavering
In the realm of mental health, Ambien withdrawal effects can be significant and have long-lasting consequences. Ambien, a commonly prescribed medication for insomnia, can
Living with an addict might be extremely challenging, especially when someone you love refuses to seek treatment. You may sometimes feel confused and overwhelmed,
Most people associate the word codependency with an abusive romantic relationship. In reality, some of the most common codependent relationships are with parents. Often,
Anyone who knows someone with a substance use disorder knows that addiction affects the entire family. Addiction can quickly disrupt and create chaos within
Mothers who struggle with dependency or addiction can often feel guilty for not being there for their child. The guilt only makes the substance
Addiction may seem to affect only the drinker or drug user. However, the reality is that addiction affects everyone in the addict’s life. Thus,
You may have heard someone say, “Addiction is a family disease.” If you have lived under the same roof as a loved one who
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