Family Programs in South Florida

You may have heard someone say, “Addiction is a family disease.” If you have lived under the same roof as a loved one who is struggling with substance dependency, this statement likely seems a fairly obvious one. Of course addiction is a family disease – when one individual in the family is afflicted, the whole family tends to suffer immensely. It is never easy to watch someone you love slowly kill themselves, perhaps denying that an issue even exists. It is even more difficult to remain uninvolved. In many cases, the entire family unit will unwittingly begin to revolve around the emotional instability and behavioral patterns of the addict. However, addiction specialists do not refer to this psychological disorder as a ‘family disease’ simply because the entire family will inevitably be affected. The family is usually in some sense partially responsible for the exacerbation of and the severity of the addiction itself. How can this be? Isn’t addiction a blameless disease? While the families of addicts typically only have the very best of intentions, it is all too common that failure to set and uphold boundaries, enabling, and enmeshment prevent the addict from getting well. Take a look at the role the family plays in addiction, and at our comprehensive list of family programs in South Florida.

Effects of Addiction on the Family

We at Lighthouse Recovery Institute firmly believe that in order for an addict to comprehensively recover, his or her family must heal concurrently. We offer a thorough therapeutic recovery program to the family members of our clients, teaching them that their mental and emotional wellbeing is equally as important. Our licensed therapists work with addicts and their families to foster healthier communication, the art of setting boundaries, and a comprehensive education regarding the disease of addiction and all of its implications. We also offer the family individualized support, outside of our clinical location. For more information on our specific family program, please contact us today. We will gladly provide you with any resources you may need to make the process as easy as possible on you and your loved ones.

Does the Family Play a Role?

It is important that the family members of addicts understand that there is more to comprehensive recovery than simply undergoing restorative treatment themselves (on a less intensive scale than the addict, but following the same therapeutic format). More often than not, the family plays a major role in the exacerbation of the disease. It is in our nature to want to protect our loved ones. Sending them from our homes knowing their lives are on the line may seem heartless, cruel, and ruthless. In actuality, setting harsh boundaries may be life-saving. Coddling addicts as they use lets them know that no matter how much damage they do to their own lives, they will always have a place to stay, food to eat, and familial support. We at Lighthouse Recovery Institute teach family members how to set and maintain healthy boundaries, while pointing them in the direction of programs that are geared towards helping with codependency, enmeshment, and addicted loved ones. For any additional information, please call today.

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