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Florida Addiction Treatment Options

by | Last updated Feb 9, 2021 at 10:55AM | Published on Feb 9, 2021 | Addiction Treatments

Florida Addiction Treatment Options

Out of all states struggling with addiction, Florida is offering the most help. Also known as the rehab capital of the nation, Florida is well-known for its addiction treatment options. Between 2009 and 2011, almost twice as many people checked into residential treatment centers in Florida. Although vast in size, most cities in Florida offer good treatment centers within a short distance away. If you’re considering rehab, Florida addiction treatment options are worth exploring.

Florida Substance Abuse Statistics

While Florida might have an extensive network of substance abuse treatment centers, it also faced the opioid epidemic like no other state in the country. For decades, Florida has been the drug capital for dealers and addicts alike. Most people can still remember the cocaine cowboys back in the 70s-80s, then the opioid epidemic also destroyed most cities. 

247% increase

Oxycodone overdoses in Florida increased 247 percent between 2003 and 2009.

3,181 deaths

In 2010 alone, there were over 3,181 deaths from drugs, exceeding deaths by car accidents and firearms

93 of top 100

Florida was home to 93 of the top 100 oxycodone dispensing doctors in the country

4,698 deaths

In 2018, 4,698 deaths could be attributed to a drug overdose

Addiction Services in Florida

Florida is home to over 700 rehab centers. However, when it comes to addiction services in Florida, legislation is only starting to catch up with the rest of the nation. Still, some Florida legal avenues can help you or a loved one receive addiction treatment. 

The Marchman Act

Perhaps, the Marchman Act or Florida’s Substance Abuse Impairment Act is Florida’s most effective program against addiction. Under this law, someone may be involuntarily assessed for a substance use disorder through the court system. In particular, family members can use this act to get their loved ones into rehab if they refuse to get help for addiction.

Of course, this program has its ups and downs, and it needs to be used appropriately to offer the help individuals need. 

Florida Drug Courts

Like other states, Florida counts with superior courts, known as drug courts, to handle drug offenders’ cases. Overall, Florida has 95 drug courts, and their role is to address substance abuse and mental health issues first. Drug courts give offenders the option of receiving treatment for their substance use disorder as an alternative to a jail sentence.

However, if someone chooses treatment and relapses or gets kicked out of treatment, they go to jail. The program participants go through regular drug tests, meetings, and progress check-ups with judges to assess their progress. Most of the time, offenders are also required to maintain employment. 

So far, studies show that drug courts can help minimize crime, reduce cost, and offer treatment for addicted drug offenders. 

State Drug Abuse

In Florida, some users doing time in jail or prison can receive treatment for their addiction. The Department of Correction has responsibilities toward inmates admitted into treatment programs. Beyond making a full assessment of treatment needs, they also deserve an individualized treatment plan, train employees for substance abuse programs, and provide inmates with information and referrals to treatment services in their communities before being released. 

Tips for Choosing the Right Rehab Program in Florida

When choosing a rehab program in Florida and elsewhere, it’s essential to pay attention to the details that make a drug and alcohol addiction center trustworthy. Of course, to attend these state-funded programs, most people need to meet a set of requirements. Perhaps one of the states with the worst cases of fake rehab homes in Florida is why taking the time to research an institution is essential. 


First of all, make sure the rehab center in Florida you’re looking at has all the proper accreditations. The same goes for therapists and staff. They must have their licenses, certifications, and other related credentials. Finally, as far as accreditations, you want to look for centers with:

  • Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARD)
  • The Joint Commission Accreditation
  • Florida’s DMHAS Accreditation 

Evidence-based Approaches

While alternative therapies like meditation, yoga, acupuncture, and more can benefit the healing process, they cannot treat addiction alone. Look for treatments using evidence-based approaches that focus on behavioral therapy, medication treatment, and other treatment methods. Choosing evidence-based treatment also helps ensure your insurance policy will cover at least some of the treatment. 

Payment Options

Some addiction treatment options in Florida are publically-funded and operated by not-for-profit corporations. However, many treatment centers also accept private, state, and federal insurance. Furthermore, you can always ask about their payment options as some centers may offer payment arrangements, rehab scholarships, and more. 


Stay clear from any treatment center that promises a cure for addiction over a weekend or a week. In addition, drug addiction recovery is often a long-term process that incorporates different types of therapy.

Length of treatment can be anywhere from 30 days for short-term recovery programs, 90-days for longer treatments, and over 180 days for long-term treatment programs. A high-quality treatment center will not force you to fit into a specific timeline. Instead, they’ll work with you to help you find the best route. This includes helping you choose between an inpatient or outpatient addiction treatment center.

Florida Addiction Treatment Options to Consider

In reality, there isn’t a single path to addiction recovery. A comprehensive treatment plan incorporates various therapies and approaches that help someone understand their addiction and address any co-occurring disorders. 

Detox Programs

Most drug and alcohol addiction recovery journeys start with detox. Because many of these substances cause physical and mental withdrawal symptoms, it’s paramount to have medical assistance and support to do so with comfort. Choosing to detox at a treatment facility also prevents relapse.

Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT)

Those who stop alcohol or opioids may need a medication-assisted program to start their rehab journey. Various FDA-approved medications help reduce cravings and lessen the dependence on these highly addictive drugs. However, keep in mind that MAT alone isn’t enough to treat addiction. It needs to be paired with supportive services and therapy to help the recovery process. 

Behavioral Therapy

Substance abuse treatment incorporates individual therapy and group therapy sessions throughout the treatment. Both use a combination of different behavioral therapies. Overall, the most common one is cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT). Others include motivational interviewing (MI), contingency management (CM), and other behavioral therapy forms that address addiction’s many variables.

Dual Diagnosis

Finally, most people with a substance abuse problem also have a co-occurring mental health condition. Anxiety, depression, psychosis, and personality disorders all co-occur with substance abuse. Dual diagnosis programs treat these conditions simultaneously to promote a better and prolonged recovery. 

Should I Travel Outside of Florida for Addiction Treatment?

Florida is so vast that sometimes even traveling from one Florida city to another is enough to get a change of scenery. For anyone who’s currently living in a toxic environment prone to abuse, substance misuse, and other triggers, going away for treatment may help. 

Research shows that a change of scenery can provide a clean slate for people. It also means individuals can seek treatment in an environment that promotes recovery. Residential addiction treatment programs are trigger-free, drug-free, and help people build a community of sober friends and companions that will become critical in their recovery. 

In our Boynton Beach drug rehab center, we receive people from every city in Florida. We often receive individuals seeking addiction treatment from big cities like Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and Tampa. As you know, these cities don’t offer the peace and calmness of smaller towns. Thus, many looking for addiction treatment prefer to escape the big cities’ buzz to stay away from temptation, toxic environments, and the party scene. 

Finding Addiction Treatment

If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction, please know that there’s help available. At Lighthouse Recovery Institute, we receive patients from all over Florida all the time. Besides, we work with your health insurance provider to help find out what they will cover. Our addiction specialists will work with you to create a comprehensive treatment plan that addresses the core of your addiction. If you need help finding addiction treatment, contact us today to start the process.

Lighthouse Editorial Team

Lighthouse Editorial Team

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Medical Disclaimer:

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