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inpatient vs outpatient program

Outpatient Rehab Vs. Inpatient Alcohol Treatment

Inpatient Alcohol Treatment Benefits and Drawbacks

When the need for treatment from alcohol and drugs arises many look to inpatient alcohol addiction treatment. There are many benefits to choosing this option for substance abuse treatment. First being that your life gets put on hold. Many alcoholics and drug addicts have let their lives run out of control. They are behind on a bill, their job is crazy and their family obligations have piled up. By choosing the inpatient treatment model the addicted person gets a break from all of the chaos for a period of 28-90 days in most cases. Another benefit is that many Inpatient centers offer help for co-occurring mental disorders. Individuals with physical problems or disabilities will also likely choose this option since all services are provided under one room making mobility less of an issue. Another huge benefit of this treatment option is that the client or patient does not have access to the outside world making it very difficult to obtain drugs or alcohol while in treatment.

Outpatient Rehab Benefits and Drawbacks

Outpatient rehab has been gaining in popularity over the last few years for its real-world and real-time monitoring options. The benefit of this is that the addicted persons are not sheltered from the daily triggers and stimuli of chemical abuse. This allows therapists and counselors to deal with the issues and make progress in real-time instead of waiting for the sheltered and vulnerable to be released for their 28-90 day stay. Another benefit of #outpatient rehab is that the addicted person goes to therapeutic groups and meetings around their busy work, school or family schedule. The world does not have to stop for individuals to obtain world-class chemical dependency treatment. The cost of inpatient alcohol treatment can in some cases be in the range of $45,000-$50,000 a month. While the cost of outpatient rehab is one of its true benefits. Outpatient treatment centers cost a fraction of what inpatient centers cost and most if not all can be covered by insurance.

What Addiction Treatment Option is Best?

There is no clear cut answer for what treatment model is best. Determining the “Best” treatment alternative is based on the needs and the lifestyle of the person struggling with the disease of addiction. If you cannot afford the $45,000 price tag and cannot take up to 90 days away from your work and family, outpatient rehab is the choice for you. If you can afford these luxuries, you may want to take advantage of a change of scenery and choose the option of attending an inpatient alcohol treatment.

Why Does Inpatient Alcohol Treatment Cost More?

Many believe that the cost of inpatient alcohol treatment is higher than outpatient rehab because it boasts better treatment staff. This is not true at all. The reason for the high cost of an inpatient center is the cost of room and board and meals and 24-hour supervision. In fact, with so many logistical aspects to take into account many feel that inpatient drug rehabs actually spend less time focused on the individual with the problem. Where the outpatient rehab centers tend to only have costs associated with treatment. The choice is ultimately up to you but as long as you or the one you love is getting help either option is a step in the right direction.

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