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best drug rehab

The Best Drug Rehab

The Best Drug Rehab Will Have a Staff of Addicts

Let me first start by saying there are treatment centers in the United States with amazing therapists and who are not in recovery themselves. Science and education today allow the average non-addicted person to gain unprecedented access to the thoughts, minds, and behaviors of addicts. I am in no way saying that to be the best drug rehab it should only be run by drug addicts and alcoholics. However, understanding the underlying conditions of addiction is a key component of what makes the best drug rehab.

Drug Rehabs Offer Relapse Prevention Plans 

The therapists who have experience with addiction often have knowledge of the behaviors of addicted patients. 

  • Relapse: Relapse is defined as a reoccurrence of use after a period of sobriety 
  • Impulsivity: Acting quickly without thinking or lacking impulse control 
  • Burnout: Being overwhelmed by responsibilities, meetings, and requirements of sobriety and letting areas of necessity “slip”

Addiction treatment centers will integrate these 3 subject matters into relapse prevention plans.

Additionally, The best drug rehabs have a multifaceted approach to treating addiction with a variety of licensed counselors on staff. In turn, the addict feels they are more understood regarding their behavior and cravings. 

When a therapist is also in recovery from addiction they are not speaking to the addict from a place of knowledge or authority but from a place of compassion and experience.  

It Takes an Addict, To Know an Addict.

Next, the treatment center will ensure that all patients have a treatment plan in place that will lead to success. 

  • Create a Therapeutic Alliance with Patients
  • Encourage Patient Recovery
  • Help Patients Develop a Relapse Prevention Plan
  • Meet with Family Members to Provide Guidance
  • Refer Patients to Outside Support Groups

When creating a therapeutic alliance during  Intensive outpatient therapy (IOP) or inpatient treatment, at the best drug rehab is essential for creating a safe environment. You do not have to suffer alone any longer. So call the best drug rehab today and get the help you deserve. Call today to learn more about the best drug rehab and the variety of services that can be provided to you! 

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