Xanax Addiction: Facts, Statistics, and Treatment

Xanax Addiction: Facts, Statistics, and Treatment


Written By: Fiona Stockard

Xanax Addiction Facts and Statistics

Xanax addiction facts and Xanax addiction statistics are often hard to make sense of. Simply put, there’s a lot of information about Xanax addiction available. Which facts matter? Which statistics are true? Are certain Xanax addiction facts and statistics skewed to make addiction appear less (or more) prevalent?

Learn the true facts about Xanax addiction below!

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Xanax Addiction Facts

Find five Xanax addiction facts below:

• Xanax is the most commonly prescribed benzo in the US. It’s also the most abused benzo in the US.

• Xanax was approved for medical use in 1981. By 1983, it surpassed Valium as the most prescribed benzo and has stayed that way ever since.

• Peak effects of Xanax occur within an hour and a half of ingestion. This makes it one of the three strongest benzo’s (Ativan and Halcion are the other two).

• CNN reported that before Michael Jackson died, he was taking between thirty and forty Xanax pills a day. While this may be an extreme number, Xanax addiction often causes users to take between ten and twenty pills a day.

• Because Xanax is such a fast acting benzo, it’s considered extremely mentally and physically addicting. Because it wears off so quickly, users take more to continue the effects. After two to three weeks, physical dependence and tolerance sets in. Now, users must take more to avoid withdrawal.

Xanax Addiction Statistics

Find five Xanax addiction statistics below:

• In 2002, treatment centers reported a 79% increase in admissions due to benzo addiction. Because Xanax is the most frequently abused benzo, most of these admissions were likely due to Xanax addiction.

• In 2002, the number of Xanax prescriptions written was 29.9 million. By 2007, this number jumped to 37.5 million.

• In 2006, there were over 65,000 reported ER visits for Xanax addiction.

• In fact, between 2004 and 2008, there was an 89% increase in ER visits because of Xanax addiction.

• In 2010, the number of ER visits because of Xanax abuse neared 125,000 people.

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What Do These Xanax Addiction Facts and Statistics Mean For You?

The above facts about Xanax addiction mean only one thing – Xanax addiction is a huge problem! There’s no denying Xanax is at the forefront of the benzo boom. It’s leading the charge of non-opioid prescription drug abuse, addiction, and overdose. To put it another way, Xanax is incredibly popular and immensely dangerous.

These facts about Xanax addiction also offer hope. As Xanax addiction becomes more and more prevalent, its public-profile also rises. Xanax is often called the deadliest benzo and has been the focus of innumerable reports, documentaries, and media attention. This all leads to an increased awareness of the dangers Xanax presents, and as awareness rises, so will treatment opportunities.

Treatment for Xanax Addiction

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