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a group of people support each other in a partial hospitalization program in outpatient rehab for addiction

5 Benefits of Partial Hospitalization

Seeking professional help for a substance use disorder is the bravest step one can take towards self-healing. Depending on the severity of symptoms and recovery goals, the treatment facility may recommend inpatient or outpatient rehab or even a partial hospitalization program (PHP). As part of the unique benefits of partial hospitalization, clients receive intensive therapeutic and medical attention, combined with a supportive environment. If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction, reach out to Lighthouse Recovery’s exclusive partial hospitalization program in Florida.

Thus, a partial hospitalization program offers the best of both worlds. Clients can benefit from the comprehensive care frequently offered in residential treatment while also enjoying the flexible timings and support of family members (the chief perks of outpatient rehab). To learn more about Lighthouse Recovery’s personalized addiction treatment programs in Florida and if PHP is the right fit for you, call us at 866.308.2090.

5 Benefits of Partial Hospitalization

Outpatient rehab with partial hospitalization is best suited for those who require an immersive healing program without compromising on their family/work obligations. The unique benefits of partial hospitalization include the following:

1. Structured Routine for Patients

Those in addiction recovery greatly benefit from routine and structure to regain a sense of control in their lives. In outpatient rehab and PHP, clients are expected to adhere to a weekly routine that includes therapy sessions, health check-ups, support group meetings, and other holistic/recreational activities from time to time. Following a routine also teaches patients self-discipline and how to build lasting healthy habits.

2. Balance Healing with Real World Commitments

Many folks struggling with substance use are reluctant to sign up for rehab, as they may not be in any position to quit their jobs or leave behind their family members. In such cases, outpatient rehab and partial hospitalization can offer greater flexibility and convenience. Clients can spend a few hours each day receiving care and support while also finding time to balance their existing commitments and other real-world obligations.

3. Access to Therapy and Medical Support

In PHP, clients attend the same therapy sessions and support group meetings that those enrolled in inpatient rehab do. Thus, patients can interact with their therapists and counselors regularly and receive support, guidance, and even medication-assisted treatment for a lasting recovery.

4. More Affordable Than Residential Treatment

In several cases, clients may not be able to afford inpatient treatment, even if that is the recommended plan of action. Thus, PHP becomes a suitable alternative, as it is significantly cheaper and offers most of the benefits of inpatient rehab minus the overnight living costs. Moreover, if the patient already has a strong support system or empathetic family members to take care of them at home, PHP might be a perfect fit.

5. Learn Vital Life Skills and Coping Mechanisms

Lastly, one of the many benefits of partial hospitalization is that clients can reconnect with the community and apply the skills learned in therapy to their daily lives. After concluding a 90-day PHP, individuals can usually resume their jobs, restart their careers and contribute to society. Thus, partial hospitalization fully prepares clients for independent living.

Find Help and Healing at Lighthouse Recovery

Located in Boynton Beach, FL, Lighthouse Recovery is a beacon of hope, gently guiding clients on the path to wellness and sobriety. We offer a variety of customizable addiction treatment services, including partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient treatment, with a strong focus on aftercare and trauma therapy. Our 90-day recovery programs empower patients to overcome addiction, develop healthy coping mechanisms, and find joy and meaning in their daily lives again.

Over the years, Lighthouse Recovery has helped countless Florida residents get their lives back on track. Call us at 866.308.2090 and begin your healing journey today.

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