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Recovery from addiction is a challenging journey that requires not only the determination and resilience of the individual in recovery but also the unwavering
When someone has leftover prescription medications that can be addictive, this signifies a high risk of misuse. Often, people will continue to use their
It seems every year there are new energy drinks promising people an instant pick me up. The industry is so appealing to brands that
The stages of psychosocial development can be attributed to Erik Erikson, an ego psychologist who created one of the most influential development theories. For
The role of nutrition in addiction recovery is incredible. Our body responds to chemical balances that fluctuate over time. What we eat directly impacts
No one is more familiar with the concept of cravings than recovering addicts. After they master the drug and alcohol cravings they experience during
After seeking alcohol addiction treatment, most people don’t think nutrition is an integral part of recovery. Alcohol detoxification can be uncomfortable, and as people
What is HCV? Learn about cutting edge medical treatment for HCV symptoms. Many patients treat their disease while in rehab. (866)-308-2090
For those in early sobriety, maintaining a job is an exciting opportunity and a challenge. Often, addiction can take someone to a place where
When you drink alcohol, do you know how it is going to affect your heart? How are cardiovascular disease and alcoholism connected?
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