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Sharing Knowledge with Expert Beacon

People frequently avoid speaking about their emotions or addiction during social isolation because of fear of an uncomfortable conversation. However, in today’s society, these conversations are more critical than ever. Lighthouse Recovery Institute Drug Rehab spoke to Expert Beacon on trending addiction topics such as insurance coverage during COVID-19, and other current addiction trends. Additionally, the rehab center’s clinical staff provides suggestions for those struggling with mental health issues during the pandemic. These tips are critical pieces of information for families to know and explore.

COVID-19 and Addiction

Many people are spending increasing amounts of time at home because of the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, behaviors that may have gone unnoticed in the past are receiving more attention from concerned loved ones. Additionally, younger people have less much less involvement in recreational activities than prior school years due to distancing guidelines.

Some crucial suggestions for individuals struggling with depression during the pandemic include taking medications as prescribed, keeping stress levels low, and frequently talking to supports. Our drug rehab CEO suggested to Beacon.

“Most insurance companies cover telehealth services right now to mitigate exposures. If you need to contact your physician due to mental health alignments, you should not hesitate to use your insurance and explore remote services available to you.”

Our Florida alcohol rehabilitation center continues to provide resources to those struggling with alcohol addiction. Many Americans are without gainful employment and experiencing increased social isolation. Additionally, they’re struggling with severe anxiety or other forms of co-occurring disorders, such as depression. Jessica Bonaventura, LMHC, explained to Expert Beacon.

“Many people think they need insurance to attend drug rehab. That is not the case. Here at Lighthouse Drug Rehab, we offer many forms of financial assistance, even to people who do not have health insurance coverage. The best thing anyone can do is call and discuss their options on how to pay for rehab, instead of assuming no help is available to them or that they can not afford therapy.”

Opioid Overdoses Increase During COVID-19 Pandemic

Additionally, people struggling with alcohol or drug addiction are not alone. There are increasing reports of overdoses during the pandemic resulting from a lack of alcohol rehabilitation centers’ availability. Furthermore, Cook County, reported that the 2020 opioid overdose deaths would likely double the 2019 figures. This public health crisis is far from just in Illinois; the impact of addiction and the COVID-19 pandemic impacts the nation. For example, numerous addiction treatment centers have remained open during the nation’s stay-at-home orders; however, many of the services available are limited. 

Our top three suggestions on coping with the pandemic’s stress include routines, limiting media, and connection. Find a routine and stick with it as much as possible, regardless if you are working or not employed. Scheduling will also help to reduce daily anxiety and help to pass the time.

Additionally, limit the amount of media, news, and social media, you engage in daily. Find an appropriate amount that works for you that limits stress and anxiety during the pandemic and stick with it. Finally, connect with the people who matter to you. Use the time you have now to call friends and family members; or rebuild lost connections. All of these tips and strategies will enhance self-care during the coronavirus.

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