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paying for rehab

How Can I Pay for Drug Rehab with No Insurance

How Can I Go to Drug Rehab Without Insurance?

There are numerous ways to pay for drug rehab programs if you do not have health insurance. Commercial health insurance is the most common way for individuals to fund medical costs for drug rehab; however, there are several other ways to pay for treatment services even if they do not have private health insurance. So, before you accept that treatment is non-financially viable, be sure to explore all of your possible options with one of our financial experts. 

Getting Drug and Alcohol Rehab Treatment When You Don’t Have Insurance

Private Health Insurance – Most companies provide benefits for alcohol and drug rehab. Generally, private pay treatment centers are expensive. Additionally, each addiction treatment program has its inpatient and outpatient philosophies. Many rehabs accept individual PPO insurance plans with alcohol and substance abuse benefits. 

Some Insurance Companies Refuse To Cover Medical Detox. Learn Why

Medicare & Medicaid – Government-funded insurance plans, Medicare & Medicaid offer coverage for addiction treatment programs, as long as the treatment program is in-network. Many individuals wonder how do I pay for drug rehab with no insurance? As a result, our drug rehab center can provide a variety of options to you and your loved ones as soon as you call in and complete a 15-minute assessment.

How Much Does Drug Rehab Cost?

Private Funding

Our treatment facilities also offer payment plans, which may include reduced pricing. To see if you qualify for drug rehab with reduced pricing without insurance, speak with one of our addiction experts and explore all addiction treatment options available to you. 

Private Financing

Generally, this type of financing involves obtaining a loan from a bank to cover the cost of your rehabilitation. Think taking out a loan for a business; only the company is your health. At Lighthouse Recovery Institute, we do recommend contacting us now to discuss the variety of drug and alcohol rehab programs available and our financing plans before committing to any loan options.

Government Grants

Depending on where you live and how old you are, there may be grants available. Additionally, Federal funding and alcohol/substance abuse grants are common in Florida. A grant is a specific amount of money given to a particular individual for a specific reason. As a result, you don’t have to pay grants back. However, there are specific requirements that each individual has to meet.

Free Drug or Alcohol Treatment Centers

Many cities offer free treatment. Depending on the situation of the client, some may receive free or reduced pricing for addiction treatment.

Get Help Today At Our Drug Rehab

If you need detox, drug, or alcohol treatment, but are concerned about money issues, contact Lighthouse Recovery Institute. Additionally, our team will find the best drug rehab program for your goals to help you excel in recovery. Also, we will explore various treatment options available to you that can work in any budget.

To sum up, if you or a loved one needs drug or alcohol rehab, do not worry about the financial obligations. Generally, most individuals qualify for some form of financial assistance. At our Florida Drug Rehab, we believe that finances should not be a barrier to superior drug and alcohol treatment. As a result, our goal is to ensure that everyone seeking help for their addiction, finds it.

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