GEHA Health Insurance Options for Drug and Alcohol Treatment

GEHA Health Insurance Options for Drug and Alcohol Treatment

Drug Rehabs That Accept GEHA Health Insurance

Finding GEHA Accepted Drug and Alcohol Rehabs and Detox

GEHA Drug Alcohol Treatment Options

GEHA Insurance For Drug and Alcohol Treatment is required for addicts needing long term treatment. Finding the right alcohol or drug rehab that accepts GEHA Health Insurance, can be a very intricate process. Finding a GEHA rehab can take a lot of time. Our goal is to eliminate stress while you seek drug treatment. Therefore, we strive to simplify the rehab insurance process and help get you the answers you need both quickly and efficiently. GEHA Health Insurance is a crucial aspect of treatment.

We hold a belief that individuals who struggle with addictions — like alcohol addiction, heroin addiction and other types of illicit drug use — need time and quality care to help them overcome their issues. Therefore, it is imperative to ensure that your GEHA Group Health Insurance plan covers treatment services. GEHA Insurance For Drug and Alcohol Treatment offers the coverage necessary for the type of addiction treatment program that will best help you achieve recovery.

GEHA Drug Alcohol Treatment Centers

We offer consultancy to individuals on the best and most suitable drug rehab programs to suit their needs and finances. In this article, we will discuss alcohol and drug rehabs that accept GEHA drug rehab health insurance. When using your mental health or substance abuse benefits through your drug rehabilitation insurance policy, you can generally expect that your plan will cover much of your treatment services for inpatient drug and alcohol rehab costs. If your GEHA drug rehab insurance policy does not cover the full cost of the addiction treatment episode, then we will be able to work with you through private pay and flexible plans for your deductible and co-insurance requirements that your plan requires.

GEHA Drug and Alcohol Detox Centers

GEHA Drug Rehab

First, GEHA Health insurance has detox coverage for alcohol and drug detox. The Government Employees Health Association (GEHA) is a non-profit self-insured health association that provides both health and dental plans for individuals who are employed by the federal government. Next coverage for retirees and members of their families using the FEHP, or the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program.

GEHA Insurance For Drug and Alcohol Treatment also provides coverage for detox. Medical detox is necessary to manage withdrawal symptoms. Call 866-308-2090 to see if you qualify for medical detox health insurance coverage with your GEHA Health Insurance plan.

GEHA Drug Alcohol Rehab Centers

Due to the Parity Act, there are substance use benefits in many of the GEHA drug rehab health plans. Additional features might not be included or covered in your GEHA drug treatment insurance policy. There may be an additional charge for services such as acupuncture, luxury environment or private rooms. The best way to understand exactly what the cost associated with each service is to call us today to breakdown exactly what your financial exposure will be.

Lighthouse Recovery Institute offers an environment that allows you to maximize the benefits that GEHA Health Insurance policies offer. You can contact us to help you make appropriate and immediate use of these benefits. Finally, help is available to control your life.

GEHA Health Insurance may pay for Outpatient Drug Rehab. Our admissions office can help you determine exactly what your coverage would be.

Does GEHA Health Group Pay for Out-of-State Drug and Alcohol Rehab?

In fact, GEHA Health Group will pay for Local Addiction Treatment as well as Out-of-State Addiction Treatment. Our drug treatment center has admission specialists that verify your GEHA Insurance quickly. Once the cost is identified, we will arrange travel, and provide support until admission.

Find a GEHA Dual Diagnosis Treatment Center

GEHA Health Group will pay for Dual Diagnosis and Mental Health Treatment. Many individuals in need of quality treatment suffer from mental disorders. A GEHA Dual Diagnosis Treatment Center is the place for these individuals. If you are struggling with substance abuse and mental health it is essential to attend a GEHA drug treatment center as soon as possible.

GEHA Coverage – Paying For Detox and Treatment

We are a GEHA drug and alcohol treatment center that addresses the whole person. We focus on the root causes of addiction and treat the underlying issues to help support long term recovery. If you want to see if your GEHA insurance will pay for drug and alcohol treatment call now. Our admissions specialists can direct you through our insurance verification process and ensure all of your questions are answered!

Call 1-844-I-CAN-CHANGE  to speak to one of our experienced and compassionate outreach and admission coordinators today.

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