Surprising STD Facts and Statistics

Surprising STD Facts and Statistics

STD Facts and Statistics

STDs are a largely unthought-of part of addiction and recovery. In active addiction, many addicts don’t practice safe sex. Meanwhile, addicts in early-sobriety are also likely to engage in risky sexual behavior.

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So, it’s important for addicts and their loved ones to know STD facts and statistics. We enter a world of misinformation and myth when examining STD facts, though. The same can be said for STD statistics.

Which STD facts are true and which are myths? Which STD statistics matter and which are skewed? For that matter, what are some interesting and unique STD facts you’re not going to find on typical informative sites?

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STD Facts

Find ten STD facts below:

• Before they became known as STDs and STIs, they were called venereal diseases (VD for short). This name originates from Venus, the Roman goddess of love and sex.

• There are two types of STDs: bacterial and viral. Bacterial STDs include syphilis, chlamydia, and gonorrhea. Bacterial STDs can be cured. Viral STDs include HIV/AIDS, Herpes, Hepatitis B, and HPV. Viral STDs cannot be cured.

• STDs aren’t spread through sitting on the same toilet seat, swimming in the same pool, or taking a shower in the same shower, as someone infected. They’re spread through direct blood-to-blood or genital contact.

• The annual estimated medial cost of STDs in the US is an astounding $13 billion.

• The Human Papillomavirus, or HPV for short, is the fastest growing STD. It infects upwards of six million new people each year.

• Speaking of HPV, it’s thought to cause male oral cancer at rates equal to tobacco and alcohol.

• The only STD which affects more men than women is syphilis.

• Famous male suffers of syphilis include: Al Capone, Nietzsche, Manet, Hitler, Mussolini, and Napoleon.

• The arrest and incarceration of African American men is the largest contributing factor to the spread of HIV to African American women.

• In a disturbing trend, child rapes in Africa are on the rise. This is due to the fact that many Africans believe sex with a virgin can cure various STDs.

• Gonorrhea gets its nickname, the clap, from Middle English. In this ancient language, the term clapper was used to refer to brothels.

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STD Statistics

Find ten STD statistics below:

• Women are four times more likely to become infected with an STD than they are to get pregnant.

• According to the Center for Disease Control, there are approximately 333 million new STD infections each year.

• There are thought to be upwards of 65 million people in the United States who currently have an STD.

• One in two, or an astonishingly large 50%, of sexually active Americans will contract an STD before the age of twenty-five.

• The fifteen to twenty-four year old age bracket accounts for almost half of all STD infections in the US. This breaks down to nearly 12,000 young adults being infected every day.

• 20% of Americans have genital herpes, however almost 90% don’t know they have it.

• It’s estimated that 20 million Americans have HPV.

• Approximately 700,000 Americans are infected with gonorrhea each year.

• Approximately 40,000 Americans are infected with HIV each year.

• That’s a scary number, until you consider that approximately 1,500 people are infected with HIV each day in South Africa.

• As of 2010, an estimated 35 million children have lost at least one parent to HIV/AIDS.

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What Do These STD Facts & Statistics Mean For You?

These STD statistics and facts make clear that we’re in the midst of an STD epidemic!

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Okay, that’s a bit of hyperbole, but the STD statistics above are alarming. Consider that around 90% of those infected with genital herpes don’t realize they’re infected. That alone is a troubling prospect. When you combine that statistics with all the rest, though, it goes from troubling to outright scary.

So, what do these STD statistics and facts mean for you? What can you, as a sober person or with a sober loved one, do to help stop the spread of STDs?

The name of the game, my friends, is personal responsibility. Say you meet a cutie and things heat up. If they don’t have protection, don’t sleep with them. That’s it. End of story.

Say you meet a cutie and they try to dodge answering a question about their sexual health or history. Don’t sleep with them. That’s it. End of story.

Through personal responsibility, we can all do our part to help end the spread of STDs.

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