How to Regain Trust And Get Your Family Back

How to Regain Trust And Get Your Family Back


How to Regain Trust After Addiction

You Can’t Undo The Damage in One Day

One of the first things you learn in early-sobriety is that recovery’s a process. It’s not something that happens over night or that occurs magically without effort. This is especially important to remember when learning how to regain trust from friends and family.

Recovery’s more like an ever-changing journey, during which the small, habitual changes you make each day become a foundation for a different way of life.
How to Regain Trust
Nowhere is this more important than in rebuilding relationships. For many addicts and alcoholics, the loss of your family members’ trust is well established. We’ve all lied to keep some facet of our addiction hidden. Many of us have been lying, stealing, and manipulating for years.

So, where does that leave us once we decide to get sober? Is there a guide that tells us how to regain something as fragile as trust? Is there a guide on how to get your family back? Well, the following lessons are a good start.

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Rebuilding Trust Starts with a Strong Foundation

If your wondering how to regain trust, the first step is to remember it takes time! Even if you’re putting consistent effort into changing your way of thinking and living, that doesn’t necessarily mean every family member is going to be ready to dive in to a new relationship. Sometimes, a family’s trust has been unraveling over years and years. It won’t be rebuilt over night.

The best thing to do in early recovery is to focus on living sober and healthy. Quitting drugs, or no longer drinking, isn’t sufficient change for the addict. Your entire perspective on life, patterns of thinking, and living habits also need to change. Otherwise, you’re essentially the same addict or alcoholic, only without the substance.

Successfully attending a women’s addiction treatment center might be one of the first steps in changing habits and rebuilding trust.

Be Trustworthy

Probably the best way to answer the question “how do I regain trust,” is to simply be trustworthy! This usually includes attempting to clean up past wrongs – whether they were emotional, financial, or otherwise.

From that point forward, it’s vital to show family that your words and actions match. A common theme in active addiction is to have a story for every screwup, to make promises but rarely keep them. It’s true that actions speak louder than words.

If you want to learn how to regain trust, then show family members they can trust you by being trustworthy. This includes even those things that seem simple. Things like calling when you say you will, being where you say you’ll be, and taking responsibility for parts of your life that you’ve traditionally avoided.

How to Regain Trust and Get Your Family Back

Trust is one of those crucial, intangible building blocks of any solid relationship. It’s vital and often the addict has been given chance after wasted chance to prove themselves trustworthy.

When exploring how to rebuild your family, remember patience is crucial in rebuilding trust. As with all things that are worth having, give trust time to grow. Be honest, consistent, and give your family time. In turn, they’ll help you rebuild a part of yourself which had been lost.

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