How to Tell if My Child is an Alcoholic

How to Tell if My Child is an Alcoholic


Is My Child an Alcoholic?

Written By: Brian Cattelle
Alcoholism is a progressive disease. This means that many potential alcoholics display alcoholic tendencies from a young age.

how to tell if my child is an alcoholic

Just because a child possess alcoholic characteristics doesn’t mean they’ll become a full fledged alcoholic. Think of alcoholism like a hurricane. There are a ton of factors that have to align in order to create the storm.

How to know if your child is an alcoholic

Signs of Alcoholism in Children

-Risk taking behavior
-Delinquent behavior
-Never fitting it

Why is My Child an Alcoholic?

Substance experimenting at a young age: Drug and alcohol use is very common during adolescence. Teenagers are often unaware of how serious alcoholism is. Risk-takers and rebellious teens are more likely to experiment with booze. Teen drinking or drug use between the ages of nine and twelve could indicate future addiction.

Genetic factors: Genetics play a huge role in alcoholism. Multiple studies cite genetics as the single largest factor in determining whether someone is alcoholic or not, clocking in at an impressive 50%. It’s much more likely for a child to became an alcoholic if someone in their family is. However, just because there’s a family history of alcoholism, doesn’t mean that the child will grow up to be an alcoholic.

Trauma: Children who experience trauma may have a greater chance of experimenting with drugs and alcohol. This is because booze and drugs take the place of healthy coping mechanisms. Many children from unstable homes don’t learn effective coping skills. 90% of women who are addicted to alcohol were physically, emotionally, or sexually abused as children, according to the National Trauma Consortium. Many experience post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and use drugs or alcohol to numb pain, anxiety, depression, and fear.

Personaliltiy Traits of an Alcoholic

-Lives on the edge
-All or nothing thinking
-Thrill seeker
-Anxiety prone
-Acts before thinking
-Holds grudges
-Dislikes authority
-People pleaser
-Fear of failure or success
-Compulsive liar
-Drama queen
-Social chameleon
-Life of the party

Early signs of alcoholism can be detected and examined through therapy. That means there may finally be an answer to the question “is my child an alcoholic?” Being educated about alcoholism, and its effects and dangers, is also vitally important. Finally, knowing where and how to seek help is the best way to help your child!

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