How to Talk to an Addict about Entering Addiction Treatment

How to Talk to an Addict about Entering Addiction Treatment

how to talk to an addict about going to treatment

There’s a lot of time spent focused on the pain and suffering that an addict endures, but family members and loved ones often face just as much grief and anguish. Watching someone ruin their life due to alcohol, heroin or another type of addiction is crushing. It takes a great amount of strength to talk to an addict about seeking help from an addiction treatment center. However, it’s a conversation that could end up saving a life. Today, we will look at some different tips to help anyone broach the subject of entering an addiction treatment program.

Tips When Talking to an Addict about Addiction Treatment

How to Talk to an Addict

#1. Have a Plan – Addicts will often have a tough time handling their emotions as they are using drugs to mask any real feelings. It’s important that the first conversation about seeking the help of an addiction treatment center is a brief one. An addict is likely to cut someone off and attempt to start an argument, so it’s imperative to have a game plan with high-level points of what you have noticed and why they need help. You can also help a therapist specializing in addiction to help you set up an intervention and guide you through getting your loved one help.

#2 Talk Early – The early morning hours are likely to present the best opportunity to talk to an addict before they have taken any drug. It is also often the time of the day where they are most likely to respond positively as they will be clear-headed.

#3 Make it About You – Often, addicts will justify their actions by saying they are only impacting themselves. The truth is addicts need the perspective of family members and loved ones to see how their actions have consequences that wreak havoc all around them.

#4 Stay Consistent – Sometimes, an addict is going to deny their problem no matter how compelling and factual your argument may be. It’s not ideal that you have to wait to get help until someone reaches their breaking point, but it is vital that the addict understands that you never abandoned them. Be there consistently so when the time comes, they know they have someone to turn to.

#5 Have Our Addiction Treatment Center in Mind – Often an addict will say that they wouldn’t even know where to start when it comes to their rehabilitation. Have our contact information ready so that they can reach out at any time to get the help they need. Let them know that the support team at our addiction treatment facility only reinforces the support that you will be providing them throughout this journey.

It is not easy to talk to someone who is using drugs or alcohol, but we can help. If you are still struggling to talk to your loved one about their addiction, or you just want a little support, don’t hesitate to reach out for help.

Our drug addiction treatment center has professionals who have helped countless individuals rehabilitate themselves. Our addiction professionals know how to talk to addicts and are available to help and can be reached today at (866) 308-2090.

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