Five Things That Can Help an Addict Avoid Relapse

Alcoholism is one of the most common addictions in America. According to, 40 to 60 percent of alcoholics will relapse at least once during their recovery. We understand that one of the largest hurdles addicts face before entering our alcohol treatment center is removing a mindset of hopelessness. Statistics on relapse often leave addicts feeling like relapse is inevitable, but there are ways people can avoid relapse all together or understand that it’s just an unfortunate step in the rehabilitation process.

Tips to Avoid Relapse

Today, we will look at five things that can help any addict avoid relapse for good. #1 Sponsorship – Recovering from alcohol addiction is not an easy thing to do. A strong support system is a requirement. After leaving our alcohol treatment center, a sponsor will be the person a recovering addict can turn to with their thoughts without any fear of judgement. #2 Exercise – The natural endorphins that are released from exercising can help keep anxiety at bay and refocus a restless mind. One of the biggest causes of relapse is lack of emotional wellness. Whether it’s yoga, running or weight lifting, exercising can help any addict feel better about themselves and their journey. #3 Meetings – Alcoholic Anonymous meetings can be extremely effective. It’s common for recovering addicts to want to avoid these meetings at first, but they will often find that the similar life experiences shared in these meetings provides a myriad of therapeutic benefits. Isolation and loneliness are truly the enemies of a successful recovery. AA meetings provide a support system that can always be counted on. #4 Meditation – Awareness is a huge part of recovery. It’s important for a recovering addict to know their personality and be aware of the things that could trigger a relapse. Daily meditation helps calm the heartrate, and allow for some quiet time for self-inspection. The breathing exercises in meditation can also be utilized again and again in times of great stress. #5 Hobbies – A recovering addict needs to rediscover fun. Often, alcohol use is linked to social activities that are deemed fun. However, the truth is alcoholics will have often isolated themselves from enjoyable social outings because of their alcohol use. It may take courage at first, but it’s important for a recovering addict to try new things and reintroduce themselves to fun. Our alcohol addiction treatment center has professionals who have helped countless alcoholics on their journey to sobriety. Our addiction professionals are available to help today and can be reached at (866) 308-2090.

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