Drug Treatment Facilities That Accept Health Partners Insurance

Drug Treatment Facilities That Accept Health Partners Insurance

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Finding a Drug Rehabs That Accept Health Partners Insurance

The moment that your loved one reaches out for help can be a very confusing time. You are on the hunt for the best addiction treatment program you can find, but you are also bound to find ones that accept Health Partners Insurance. Many times this limits the drug rehabs made available to you or the person you care for. Well, you have nothing to worry about because at Lighthouse Recovery Institute, we accept Health Partners Insurance and so do many of the other high reputable drug rehabs in Florida and around the country.

Why Our Addiction Treatment Programs Take Health Partners Insurance

For us at Lighthouse Recovery Institute it’s all about trust. You can always, 100% of the time, trust that you or the one you are trying to help will be in good hands under our care. So, we are a drug treatment program accept Health Partners Insurance because they have proven time and time again to be a trusted insurance partner that has proven to support their clients, no matter what. We accept Health Partners Insurance because we know that they actually have your best health interests at heart and are not solely focused on the bottom line. It made sound funny but they really are a great health partner.

A Trusted Partner in Behavioral Health

Another reason we are proud to accept Health Partners Insurance is that they are on of the few health insurance companies that truly know addiction and addiction treatment programs. Just take a look here at their website and you’ll find that they have a kind caring and compassionate approach to drug and alcohol addiction. They even offer resources to assess your drinking and drug habits. Another reason we accept this insurance plan is there commitment and belief in 12 step programs. Lighthouse Recovery Institute firmly believes in the 12-step model and is proud to accept Health Partners Insurance, since they share that same core belief. Many health insurance providers have limited to no resources available on their websites. They go above and beyond to provide you and the ones you love with as much information as possible to help you live a happy and sober life. They even offer assessments and evaluations to help you find the right addiction treatment programs to find your needs and struggles.

Health Partners Knows the Good from The Bad

As an drug treatment facility that has been around for many years, we know Health Partners Insurance has been around for a long time and they have maintained their stellar reputation by maintain relationships with only the best, brightest and most honorable of healthcare facilities and addiction treatment programs. Health Partners knows who the great addiction treatment programs are and we are proud to be one of them. You see, not only do we accept Health Partners Insurance, but Health Partners Insurance accepts Lighthouse Recovery Institute and that’s something we are so proud of.

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